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Musselman Library Services and Resources Summer 2021: Returning Borrowed Library Materials

Student Library Materials

How to Return Library Books

All library materials are due at the end of the semester.  

On-Campus Students

  • Return library materials using the return slot by the Stine Lake entrance or drop them off at the Check Out desk before leaving campus.

Remote Students

  • Remote students must ship books back to the library.
  • You can request a pre-paid UPS shipping label by writing to
    • Include in the message your mailing address and total weight of the items.
    • If you have multiple items, please wait until you are finished with all of them so they can be returned in a single shipment.
  • If you received multiple items over the course of the semester, you can combine them in one package for return.  You can use any of the return labels included with those items instead of requesting a new one.  Affix any of the pre-paid labels to the package, and discard the rest.
  • Interlibrary Loan returns can be included with Musselman Library books.
  • Rented textbooks SHOULD NOT be included with library books or shipped to the library.  Musselman Library books have a call number on the spine.
  • Packaging and shipping instructions
    • Pack books in a sturdy box
    • Use newspaper or other packing material to fill extra space
    • Padded mailing envelopes can be used for a single book, but please use a box if you are returning more than one item.
    • After packaging your items and applying the pre-paid label, take the package to a UPS store near you or schedule a pickup.



This information was updated 4/27/2021.