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Spanish: SPAN 301 Oechler

End-of-Class Survey

End-of-Class Survey

Before you leave class for the day, please take a minute to complete this short online survey.

If you'd like me to follow up with you about any questions, feel free to enter your email when it prompts you. You do not have to do this, though!

Professor-Recommended Dictionaries

Library Subscription Dictionaries

Free Online Dictionaries

Background Information

Academic Encyclopedias

Academic encyclopedias contain concise background information and are more credible (and citable) than Wikipedia. They are especially helpful  at the beginning of your research. For this class, GVRL is the best option.

Free Web Sources

Staring with a general search at can be useful to see what sorts of web resources exist.

You can also be more intentional with your Google searches by performing a Google site search. Just type site: and then whatever url or top-level domain you'd like followed by a space and your keywords just like normal. You'll notice that Google will only return results from the url or domain you specified.

  • will search websites maintained and operated by the Spanish government
  • will search the websites of Spanish colleges and universities

Additional Research Tools

  • MUSCAT Plus allows you to search a lot of library content at the same time. Your results will include a mix of books, reference book articles, journal articles, newspapers, media sources, and more. Use the advanced limiting features to filter your results in helpful ways (like by limiting to Spanish sources).
  • Historical Abstracts searches scholarly journals that cover history (excluding the history of North America - there's a different database for that). Scholarly journal articles may be too specific for your mini-episode script assignment, but are likely to be more helpful later in the semester.
  • Digitalia Hispanica is an all-Spanish-language database that includes ebooks and journals. Again, these sources will be very specific - not broad and general - so they are likely to be helpful later in the semester.

Many of the other databases on the Spanish research guide focus on Latin America and exclude coverage of Spain. That's why I recommend these particular databases.

More Research Tutorials

These short tutorials may be helpful!

Citation Help

Citation and proper attribution of sources rest at the core of academic research. Musselman Library provides a Citation Guide to the major citation styles with links to helpful resources online. 

An online guide to MLA citation style is also available via Purdue University's OWL website.

Use The MLA Style Center's Interactive Practice Template to help build your works-cited citation.