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First Year Seminars: FYS 171 Animals


MUSCAT Plus will help you find books, articles, and films on your topic. It covers all subject areas and disciplinary angles. Today we will learn                             how to:

  • focus search results on peer-reviewed articles, books, and films
  • use database settings to filter out noise in your results list
  • utilize search strategies like phrase searching and truncation to get better results, faster
  • get auto-generated citations in APA style
  • find physical books in our library (the graphic shows which call numbers are on which floor!)

You may also want to explore databases in specific subjects. For example, the Environmental Studies research guide links to recommended databases that cover ES topics. Or, peruse all library research guides.

Research organizer

Important Journals in Human-Animal Studies

Here's another link if you would prefer to look at this list in Google Docs.