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First Year Seminars: FYS 126-4 Navigating a Polarized World

End-of-Class Survey

End-of-Class Survey

Before you leave class for the day, please take a minute to complete this short online survey.

If you'd like me to follow up with you about any questions, feel free to enter your email when it prompts you. You do not have to do this, though!


"As an autobiographical genre of writing and research, autoethnography displays multiple layers of consciousness. Autoethnographers gaze back and forth. First, they look through an ethnographic wide-angle lens, focusing outward on social and cultural aspects of their personal experience. Next, they look inward, exposing a vulnerable self that is moved by and may move through, refract, and resist cultural interpretations. As they zoom backward and forward, inward and outward, distinctions between the personal and the cultural become blurred, sometimes beyond distinct recognition."

Autoethnography. (2008). In L. M. Given (Ed.), The SAGE Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods (Vol. 1, pp. 48-51). SAGE Publications.

Sources for Background Information

Finding Research Articles

Finding Empirical Research Articles in PsycInfo

Citing Sources

cite it! written on lined 3 by 5 notecardEach course you're taking this semester may ask for a different citation style. If it's unclear on your assignment, ask your professor.

For this class, you'll be using APA style to craft citations. Here are a few resources to help with those citations:

If you're not sure how to cite something properly, just check with a librarian by asking via online chat or by sending an email to It can get confusing; we're happy to help!