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First Year Seminars: FYS 156-2 Green Eggs

Library access to mainstream news

New York Times - Group pass allowing unlimited online access (activation directions); Access past articles through MUSCAT Plus

Wall Street Journal - Group pass allowing unlimited online access (activation directions); Access past articles through MUSCAT Plus

Washington Post - Access news articles from the daily Washington Post. Journalists report on politics, business, world national news, and more. Coverage goes back on a rolling 15 year basis. NOTE: Account creation is not necessary. The library provides site/remote access but ads will appear alongside news articles.

USA Today - Access past articles through MUSCAT Plus

Need even more news? See our News research guide.

Finding sources for Paper 1: A Food Item Case Study

Before you came to the library on 9/12, you completed this tutorial about Peer Review - you can revisit it as needed. Do you just want to jump to the video? Here it is: Peer Review in 3 Minutes.

During your library visit on 9/12, we will focus on finding appropriate sources for your Food Item Case Study. Start with these library research databases, which contain mostly articles:

When looking for books and book chapters, start with MUSCAT Plus. You can limit results to books (physical and ebooks).

Cite your sources

The Environmental Studies department generally recommends using APA style.

Most formatting issues are addressed in this quick guide from University of Alberta Library. For a deeper dive, consult Purdue OWL APA Formatting and Style Guide (7th ed).

Alternatively, visit the Research Help Desk to consult our physical copy of the APA Guide:

To help with formatting citations, you may find tools like Zotero or Refworks useful. Ask a librarian for a quick tour of what these tools can do. You will definitely love using them by the time you write longer papers like your capstone or thesis!

For more information about citation styles and citation management software see the citation guide.

More research tutorials from Musselman Library

These short tutorials can help you become a library research whiz in no time!

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This guide was updated for FYS 156-2, Green Eggs & Government Cheese: Food for Environmental Sustainability, Fall 2022, by Janelle Wertzberger.