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Special Collections - Gettysburg College History: Minutes and Publications

Minutes and Publications

The following is a partial listing of committee minutes, college and student publications, and Record Groups available for research. Researchers may access bound copies of some of these publications in the ready reference section; however, other college and student publications are in the closed stacks. For access to these materials, consult the archivist on duty.

Committee Minutes:
Academic Policy and Program Committee Minutes, 1939-1991
Academic Standing Committee Minutes, 1951-1990
Alumni Association Minutes, 1929-1952
Board of Trustee Minutes, 1832-1984
Campus Senate Minutes, 1942-1950
Eastern Collegiate Athletic Council Minutes, 1925-1934
Faculty Minutes, 1832-present
Gettysburg College Athletic Council Minutes, 1917-1941; Financial Reports, 1927-1957
Student Council Minutes, 1917-1927
Student Senate Minutes, 1970-2002
College and Student Publications:

The Acid Express (Student Protest Publication)
Activities Calendar, 1970-present
Admissions Materials (Viewbooks, Publications)
Alumni Bulletin, 1945-1950
Announcement of Courses, 1912-present
Athletic Reports, 1931-present
Basketball Programs, 1937-2001
Black Awareness (Student Protest Publication)
Blister, 1922-1926
The Bullet, 2003-present
Bullet Points, 2004-present
Campus Community Clips, 1969-1973
Cannon Bawl, 1924-1927
Center for Public Service Newsletter, 2004-Present
Class Alumni Calendar, 1906-1925
Class Bulletin, 1881-1974
Class of 1904 Bulletin, 1904-1964
College Calendars (Includes At Gettysburg College and On Campus) 1933-2003
College Crier (Student Protest Publication), 1953-1955
College Directory, 1959-present
College Monthly, 1877-1893
Commencement Invitations, 1850-1952
Commencement Programs, 1834-present
Convocation Programs, 1951-2002
Counselor Update, 1991-1997
Course Catalog, 1837-2004 (Internet Archive)
Daily Blatt (Student Protest Publication), 1968
Dateline, 1992-1997
EATSIT (Student Protest Publication), 1968
Fact Book, 1999-2004
Faculty Handbook, 1953-present
The Faculty Notebook, 2003-present
Friends of Musselman Library, 2001-Present
Football Game Programs, 1940-present
Fortenbaugh Lectures, 1982-2003
The Gadfly (Student Protest Publication), 1954
Gateway, 1991-1992
Gettysburg Academy Bulletin, 1915-1935
Gettysburg Alumni Bulletin (see also Gettysburg), 1930-present 
Gettysburg College Annual Report, 1980-1984
Gettysburg College (Pennsylvania College) Bulletin, 1911-1977
Gettysburg College Directory, 1959-2000
Gettysburg College Telephone Directory, 1962-1981
Gettysburg Forum, 2002-present
Gettysburgian, 1897-2004 available online; Loose issues from 2004 to present
The Gettysburg Historical Journal, 2002-present
Gettysburg Notes, 1998-present
Gettysburg Review, 1962-present
Greek Life Publications
Highlights (Women's League), 1952-1995
History Department Newsletter, 1994-present
History Series, 1973-1982 (see above)
HR Communique, 2003-Present
Intercollegiate Athletics Media Guides, 1978-present
January Term Catalog, 1970-1985
Janus, 1935-1936
Junto, 1961-1976
Mercury, 1893-present (1893-2014 Available Online)
Music Newsletter, 1999-2002
New Student Directory, 1959-present
News About Gettysburg, 1960-1979
Notes from Eisenhower House, 1981-1983
Nineteen Twenty Four (1924) Tracer, 1925-1969
Orange and Blue Newsletter, 1993-present
Orientation Programs, 1929-2002
OSOGA, Class of 1918-June 1935
Our Legacy, 2001-2002
Owl and Nightingale Programs, 1915-1993
Planning Calendar, 1993-1997
P.O. Box Mailing List (campus), 1960-1975
Press Releases, 1892-2000
Presidential Inauguration Pamphlet, M. Valentine-C.A. Hanson
Psi Chi News, 1957-1962
The Psych Alum, 1973-1992
Puentes (Center for Public Service), 1995-present
Report of the President, 1907-1923
Reveler, 1935
Rhombus, 1974-1977
The Rover (Biology), 1966-1968
TWAG ("This Week at Gettysburg")-Student, 1978-1991
TWAG-Campus, 1968-1991
TWAG-Faculty/Staff, 1978-1991
Senior Commencement Information, 1925-Present
Spectrum (yearbook), 1892-present (1892-2011 Available Online)
Student Directory, 1948-1987
Student Handbook (see also G-book), 1904-present
Student Senate/Student Union, 1966-1989
Student Senate Agendas, 2000-2001
Summer Session Catalog, 1912-1972
Woman's League Convention Proceedings, 1911-1995
Women's Studies Newsletter, 1990-present