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Special Collections - Gettysburg College History: College Office Records

College Office Records

College Office Records:
Some College Office Records may be restricted; access to individual files within the record groups to be determined by the Archivist. See the Archivist on duty in the Reading Room for further information about these and the other, unprocessed record groups of the College Archives.

RG-1 Board of Trustees

  • RG-1 Office of the Board of Trustees, 1834-1977

RG-2 Office of the President

  • RG-2 Office of the President, Presidential Inaugurations, 1951-1989
  • RG-2.0.1 Office of the President, Charles Philip Krauth, 1834-1850
  • RG-2.0.2 Office of the President, Henry Lewis Baugher, 1850-1868
  • RG-2.0.3 Office of the President, Milton Valentine, 1868-1884
  • RG-2.0.5 Office of the President, Samuel Gring Hefelbower, 1904-1910
  • RG-2.0.6 Office of the President, William Anthony Granville, 1910-1923
  • RG-2.0.7 Office of the President, Henry W. A. Hanson, 1923-1952
  • RG-2.0.8 Office of the President, Walter C. Langsam, 1951-1955
  • RG-2.0.10 Office of the President, Carl Arnold Hanson, 1961-1977
  • RG-2.0.11 Office of the President, Charles E. Glassick, 1977-1988
  • RG-2.0.13 Office of the President, Gordon A. Haaland, 1990-2004
  • RG-2.0.14 Office of the President, Kate Will,
  • RG-2.0.15 Office of the President, Janet Morgan Riggs,
  • RG-2.4 Office of the President - Eisenhower Files

RG-3 College/Student Life

  • RG-3.1.2 Greek Organizations/Greek Life
  • RG-3.1.3 Student Activities
  • RG-3.4 Offices of the Chapel and Student Christian Association

RG-4 Office of the Provost

  • RG-4.0 Former, Retired, Deceased Faculty and Administrators
  • RG-4.1 Office of the Provost: The Papers of Mussleman Library
  • RG-4.2 Office of the Provost: The Papers of the Office of the Registrar
  • RG-4.4 Office of Off Campus Studies
  • RG-4.6 Academic Departments and Programs
  • RG-4.6.2 Schmucker Art Gallery
  • RG-4.6.4 Sunderman Conservatory of Music
  • RG-4.7 Office of Academic Advising
  • RG-4.8 Eisenhower Institute

RG-5 Enrollment & Educational Services

  • RG-5.1 Admissions
  • RG-5.2 Intercollegiate Athletics
  • RG-5.4 Institutional Analysis
  • RG-5.5 Student Financial Aid
  • RG-5.7 Communications & Public Relations

RG-6 Development, Alumni & Parent Relations

RG-7 Finance & Administration

RG-8 Information Technology