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Want to contact your federal elected officials?

This list contains the contact information for the federal elected officials for Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The name of each representative is linked to his corresponding website contact page. Emails can be sent to elected officials via these contact pages. If you need assistance sending a fax, visit this helpful website.

Looking for a representative for a different Pennsylvania district? Try this website to find your representatives.

Not from Pennsylvania? Click the "Find Other Federal Elected Officials" tab for more information.

Senator Bob Casey (Dem)


717-231-7540 Harrisburg

202-224-6324 Washington, DC

215-405-9660 Philadelphia

Office Address

200 N Third St, Suite 14A

Harrisburg, PA 17101


717-231-7542 Harrisburg

202-228-0604 Washington, DC

215-405-9669 Philadelphia 

Senator Pat Toomey (Rep)


717-782-3951 Harrisburg

202-224-4254 Washington, DC

215-241-1090 Philadelphia


Office Address

United States Federal Building

228 Walnut St.

Suite 1104

Harrisburg, PA 17101


717-782-4920 Harrisburg

202-228-0284 Washington, DC

215-241-1095 Philadelphia


Congressman Scott Perry (Rep) (Pennsylvania District 4)


717-338-1919 Gettysburg/Adams County

202-225-5836 Washington, DC

Office Address

22 Chambersburg Street

Gettysburg, PA 17325


717-334-6314 Gettysburg/Adams County

202-226-1000 Washington, DC

Use these sites to find contact and political contribution information about your federal elected officials:

This government website provides links to find contact information for federal, state, and local elected officials.

This website allows you to search for your elected officials and provides information on their political contributions, including committees they serve on and bills they have supported.

Find Your Legislator - from the Pennsylvania General Assembly

Contracting Congress - Local Reps - enter your street address for accurate results

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