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This guide is currently undergoing revisions by the library's diversity and inclusion committee in order to make it more relevant to today's campus community. As users of this guide, we are interested in your ideas for what this guide should include in the future.

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About this Guide

This guide is a starting point for members of the campus community to learn more about the issues of diversity and inclusion.  Included are a variety of educational resources ranging from popular culture to scholarly publications.

The guide focuses on racial issues on campus, as well as throughout the country and in the media. Resources are also provided that allow you to search and explore additional information about these topics as well as other forms of diversity and inclusion.  

The resources in this guide focus on racial diversity, but resources are also available for learning about other forms of diversity.  Please consult the LGBTQ Research Guide, The Office of Diversity & Inclusion, or ask a librarian if you are looking for more information.

We hope that the resources on this guide will help the members of the Gettysburg College Community become more aware of issues related to diversity and encourage them to take action.  

Gettysburg College Resources and Events

Consider attending a meeting or checking out the social media of one of the following student organizations on campus:

Please refer to the websites for the listed campus resources as well as the Gettysburg College Calendar for upcoming events.

Town Hall Meeting - January 2016

The Town Hall Meeting in January 2016 discussed the importance of making Gettysburg College a more inclusive community and specifically focused on racial diversity and inclusion.  The "We Are Gettysburg Too" video created by Ashley Fernandez '16 provides a student voice to why Gettysburg College needs to become a more racially inclusive space, and the article provides a more detailed description of the Town Hall Meeting.  


Created by Ashley Fernandez


Student-led Town Hall Encourages Dialogue Around Diversity

Article by Jamie Yates, Director of Communications and Media Relations

Contact Us

This guide was created by Peer Research Mentors Amy Violante '17 and Margaret Czepiel '17.  If you would like more information or have any recommendations for this guide, please contact