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First Year Seminars: FYS 133-2 Latin American Women’s Narratives

Academic/Scholarly Sources

Let's see if we can identify academic sources when looking at them online.
Academic - Yes or No?
Yes: 1 votes (5.88%)
No: 13 votes (76.47%)
Unsure: 3 votes (17.65%)
Total Votes: 17
Academic - Yes or No?
Yes: 16 votes (100%)
No: 0 votes (0%)
Unsure: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 16


Muscat Plus search start screen with options for catalog, everything, a-z databases, and research guides

MUSCAT Plus provides simple, one-stop searching for books and e-books, videos, articles, digital media, and more.

*Always sign in. You'll see more results and be able to save your results to your account.

1. Library Catalog (MUSCAT): This search includes books, e-books, and media that are available in Musselman Library.

2. Everything: This search includes books, journal articles, media, and much more that are both in Musselman Library and beyond.

3. Find a Journal: If you already have a citation and want to see what full text holdings we have for a journal, magazine, or newspaper, search here by title.

4. A-Z Databases: If you want to search within a specific database, you can go here to get to the full list of databases.

5. Research Guides: From here you can get the full of list research guides, with specific suggestions for disciplines and individual classes.

Finding Articles

The library subscribes to more than 300 databases, and they all cover different disciplines or types of sources. Here are a few recommendations from your professor, but feel free to ask a librarian for other suggestions.

Research 101 Workshops

Research 101 series logo

30-minute sessions that cover research basics, not connected with a specific course. Come to as many as you like! 

Register on Engage

Sessions include:

  • Getting Started with Your Research Assignment (10/3)
  • How to Read a Scholarly Article (10/12)
  • Citation & Paraphrasing (10/20)
  • Organize Your Research Process (10/25)
  • Search Like a Pro (11/3)
  • Working with Zotero (11/9)
  • Working with RefWorks (11/14)