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First Year Seminars: FYS 190-3 Oh, the (Digital) Humanities

The Research Process

Finding Background Information

Google Site Searching

You can make Google limit its search to specific websites or top-level domains by inserting one key piece of syntax:

site:[url or domain]_[regular search terms]

For example:

  • nintendo entertainment system would only search US higher education webpages for results about the NES
  • VHS would only search US government websites for results about VHS tapes
  • walkman would only search the New York Times website for articles that mention the Sony Walkman



MUSCAT Plus is the search tool you see on the library's homepage. While you can use it search loads of online database content, the best thing you use it for now is finding books and book chapters that discuss your obsolete technology.

You should experiment with some searches on your own in order to see what's out there, but you can also use some of the following subject term searches to explore a portion of our collections:


Online Encyclopedias

We subscribe to a large number of scholarly encyclopedias through a resource called Gale Reference eBooks. Try searching for entries on your obsolete technology and see all the different disciplinary lenses you can use as part of your research.

Citation Help

Citation and proper attribution of sources rest at the core of academic research. Musselman Library provides a Citation Guide to the major citation styles with links to helpful resources online. 

An online guide to MLA citation style is also available via Purdue University's OWL website.

Use The MLA Style Center's Interactive Practice Template to help build your works-cited citation.