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Globalization Studies: GS440

Research Guides

Depending on your topic, you may find it useful to use subject specific databases in other disciplines.  Use the drop-down menu below to jump to the different research guides for the various disciplines.

If you're not sure which research guide is for you, ask a librarian!


Your Globalization capstone paper is interdisciplinary, which means you should search the published literatures of multiple disciplines (such as those for environmental science/studies, economics,  anthropology and political science).  You should also search some interdisciplinary databases (like Academic Search Premier, Scopus, and OneSearch). There will be some overlap between these tools, but you will also find unique sources.  Leave no stone unturned!

Globalization Journals

Have you visited these Globalization Studies Journals lately?

Data and Statistical Sources

Also check the Statistics Guide for more statistical sources.

Subject Guide

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Gray Literature

"Gray literature" consists of publications that come into existence outside the traditional publisher system.  Because they aren't published conventionally, they also aren't collected and organized by libraries in the same way that books and articles are.  They are often more difficult to find, describe, cite, and evaluate.

Examples of gray literature include government reports, working papers, conference proceedings, preprints, and more.  Many such documents may be relevant to your research for this class.

See Musselman Library's guide to Gray Literature for more information and places to get started.

Cite & Annotate Your Sources

Cite It

Don't forget to cite your sources! Cite when you use a direct quotation, paraphrase, or incorporate someone else's ideas.  

Annotated Bibliographies - here's the detail you need to write good ones.

Musselman Library Citation Guide - more help with citations.

As always, if you need any help with citations or determining what to cite, feel free to ask a librarian for more assistance.