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Special Collections - Literature Sources: Select Manuscripts

Select Manuscript Collections

Adams, Franklin Pierce. Letter from Pierce to Mr. Cooper of the Hanover Evening Sun regarding his participation in the 1943 Victory Book Campaign. 10 December 1942. TLS-2pp. VFM-1

Anderson, Sherwood. Letter from Anderson declining an invitation to speak to the author's club. 20 Oct. 1923. ALS-1p. VFM-7

Arms, Richard A. Four manuscripts of original plays by Arms. Two hardbound, handwritten, signed notebooks of I Want to Know and one typed copy belonging to Louise D. Bream. Also includes the manuscript ...And Stardust. 1920. 2 MS, 1 AmsS. VFM-8. See also the Richard A. Arms Collection. MS-037

Barnes, Deborah H. The Deborah H. Barnes collection contains papers accumulated by Deborah Banres while she was a graduate student at Howard University and a professor at Gettysburg College. The bulk of the collection consists of course materials, including syllabi, handouts, course readings, and other resources used for course preparation and research. The papers of Deborah Barnes will be most helpful for researchers interested in African American Studies and/or American literature curricula and teachers developing courses in African American literature. The collection could also be helpful for researchers interested in examining collections of secondary source publications about African American literature. MS-112

Barnitz, Frederick A. A poem to Miss Catherine Kast, from Barnitz, Class of 1842. 17 Sept. 1838. MsS-1p. VFM-12

Bates, Katharine Lee. A brief letter to Mrs. Ethel Bickford of Roxbury, MA. 2 January 1906. ALS-2pp. VFM-14

Bradley, Robert B. Five books written about his experiences in World War II as a medic and German prisoner. Published 1970-2000. MS-303pp. VFM-177

Brenda W.T. Letter from W.T. Brenda to T.Y. Cooper regarding an original drawing in Liberty Magazine that Mr. Cooper was interested in purchasing. 4 June 1929. ALS-1p. VFM-21

Bretz, Frank H. Ph. D. Manuscript copy of Chapter One from his book. “Becoming II.” March 29, 2006. VFM-359

Bryant, William Cullen. Letter from Bryant to Mr. Field's offering a translation of a section from the Iliad for Field's Monthly. 19 June 1865. ALS-1p. VFM-23

Buck, Pearl S. Two letters, one to Frank Kramer regarding her recent publications, 22 Aug. 1956. The other, a response to Henry Hanson about giving a lecture. 1 Dec. 1950. TLS-2pp. VFM-25

Burke, Edmund. Consists of nine letters written between 1762 and 1796 from individuals such as Charles O'Hara, John Nobel, Lord Charlemont (James Caulfield), and William Draper. Also contains two undated notes in Burke's hand, a poem entitled "To a Mouse who was caught," and one receipt signed by Burke. MS-016

Clemens, Samuel. Reproduction of a letter from Clemens to Mrs. Foote, a very candid, lively, friendly letter. 2 Dec. 1887. ALS-3pp. VFM-31

Clemens, Samuel. Original postcard and transcription from Clemens to Mrs. Florence Hull Winterburn, 28 March 1901. Found in the 1885 edition of Huckleberry Finn. ANS-1p. VFM-314

College Monthly. Postcard addessed to CVA Levy discussing the publication's future. 7 Feb. 1893. C-2pp. VFM-236

Cooper, James Fenimore. Original check signed by Cooper from the Ostego County Bank. 22 April 1848. ADS-1p. VFM-34

Cooper, Thomas Yost. The collection gives insight into the special interests of Thomas Yost Cooper, a Hanover, PA newspaper man, including local and Pennsylvania history, writing, reading, the newspaper business, movies, and Marlene Dietrich. MS-113

Cooper, Thomas Yost. Three photocopies of articles regarding the donation of the Cooper Collection to Musselman Library. "Rare Books Presented to Gettysburg College." Hanover Sun, 20 Oct. 1965. "Asian Studies and the Liberal Arts: The Cooper Collection." Gettysburg College Bulletin, January 1966. "What Rare Book? The Cooper Collection" Gettysburg College Bulletin, January 1966. 3 D-10pp. VFM-241

Coots, Fred. Lyrics of "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town," signed by Coots (composer). TDS-1p. VFM-183

Copybook. Bound notebook full of random pictures and facts. "Washington's Writings Volume XI" MS-11pp. VFM-35

Dickens, Charles. Letter regarding payment for a proof of "Holiday Romance" sent to Mr. William L. Thomas. 21 July 1867. ALS-1p. VFM-40

Dickens Reader. Nathan Sheppard - Cooper's Library Pamphlet No. 5. December 30, 1881. VFM-20

Douglas, Lloyd C. Working script of "The Big Fisherman." Multiple drafts of chapters 1-30 as well as passages not used in the final work from Chapters 1-10. Bibliographic and biographic information included. MS-1034pp. VFM-285

Dreiser, Theodore. Two letters from Dreiser, one dates 13 Nov. 1912 to Miss Watson and another 23 March 1935 to Mr. Fadiman regarding his latest book. ALS-2pp. VFM-41

"Ed, The Office Boy; or The Lad Behind the Deals" and Other Stories. Fame and Fortune Weekly. Stories of Boys Who Make Money 416 (New York: Frank Tousey, September 19, 1913). MS-32pp. VFM-212

Eisenhower, Dwight D. Sheet music entitled "A March to Eisenhower," by H.D. Hirsh and J.M. Frank. MS-3pp. VFM-205

Emerson, Ralph Waldo. Letter confirming a dinner date. 20 Oct. 1851. LS-1p. VFM-44

Fannie Hurst Newsletter Collection. Much of the collection comprises drafts and final copies of the newsletter (published from 1991-1995), material submitted for publication, and some promotional material. The newsletters and article manuscripts will be of interest to researchers studying Fannie Hurst or those interested in literary newsletters. The correspondence will be most useful to researchers interested in the development and dissolution of the Fannie Hurst Society or anyone studying literary societies and their publications. MS-110

Fitzgerald, Francis Scott Key. Short letter and author's apology presumably from This Side of Paradise. ALS-1p. and TDS-1p. VFM-50

Fontanne, Lynn. Several letters of correspondence between Mrs. Mary Glenn and Lynn Fontanne on the subject of performing. Also, several newspaper clippings about the Lunt-Fontanne team. 26 June 1965 and 7 July 1965. TLS-14pp. VFM-51

German Spelling Table. Nineteenth Century. German spelling and pronunciation table. Explains the German alphabet and common vowel, consonant combinations in the German language. MS-1p. VFM-288

Gladfelter, Millard E. Correspondences between Dr. Gladfelter and Charles Glatfelter regarding Glatfelter's book "Recollections" 21 Dec. 1978. ALS-3 pp. VFM-61

Goethe. Program for the Goethe Centenary (Frankfurt, Germany 1932) and article clipped from book or magazine on Goethe (unknown source and date). 2 D. VFM-243

Goethe Album. Album with leather covers showing 2 scenes from the park in Weimar. A New Year gift to Caroline, Countess of Egloffstein, from Goethe. Album contains an inscription showing that he presented the gift 1 Jan. 1828. Also includes two poems and a lock of Goethe's hair. MS-51pp. VFM-62

Handwritten Notes on Tennyson & Poetry. Notes on Tennyson Poetry and written poetry with a reference made to a Professor Beers. MS-176pp. VFM-269

Hanne, William G. Manuscript Copy of Book. “A snake in the road, things is not what they seem to be.” 1996. Letter from editor. T.L.s. -1p. VFM-349

Hoehn, Richard A. Printing master of Now We See Through A Glass Darkly - But We See: The Papers of J.H.W. and Mary Stuckenberg. Pennsylvania: Gettysburg, 1987. MS-125pp. VFM-220

Hopkinson, Joseph. Letter from Hopkinson dated 14 Oct. 1838. ALS-1p. VFM-73

Howells, William Dean. Gracious letter from Howells to the Philomathean Society thanking them for their offer of membership. 30 Nov. 1915. ALS-1p. VFM-76

Japanese newspaper. From the 24th year of the Meiji period, ca. May 20, 1891. MS-6pp. VFM-234

Jesus Christ Superstar. 1971 production by Gettysburg College, directed by Lawrence R. Recla, Chaplain Intern. CD sound recording, advertisements, schedules, and several letters regarding the performance, among other documents, are included (copies). MS-46pp. 33 colored and b/w photographs. VFM-214

Keeny, Spurgeon M. Sr. Oral history manuscript. “The Reminiscences of Spurgeon M. Keeny Sr.” Columbia University Oral History Research Office. 1982. VFM-355

Keller, F.A. Muhlenburg. Book entitled Swedish Lutherans by Keller, Class of 1838. 2 Volumes. MS-2 vol. VFM-82

Kittredge, George Lyman. Kittredge, an illustrious Shakespeare scholar, sent a letter to Cooper referencing Macbeth and Matthew. ALS-1p. VFM-87

Kleine Catechismus. Bound book ca. 1529, handwritten in German. MS-40+ pp.

Lewars, Elsie S. Postcard from Mrs. Lewars, Gettysburg, PA to Mr. Luther Grossman discussing her new book. ALS-1p. VFM-188

Lewis, Sinclair. Two friendly letters from Lewis. One to Mr. Cross and one to Mr. Holt. 16 Jan. 1929 and 5 May 192?. ALS-2pp. VFM-93

Life (magazine), First Issue. 23 Nov. 1936. MS-96pp. VFM-207

Macfarlane, James. Original and transcription of letter from Macfarlane describing the provenance of the book, The American First Class Book or, Exercises in Reading and Recitation; Selected Principally from Modern Authors of Great Britain and America; and Designed for the Use of the Highest Class in Public and Private Schools by John Pierpont. (See rare book PE1120 .P4 1829). Book belonged James Macfarlane, Pennsylvania College, Class of 1837. MS-2pp. VFM-292

Martin, Theodore. Letter to Lady Jane Francesca Wilde, Oscar Wilde's mother, from Mr. Martin. 10 April 1890. ALS-1p. VFM-100

May, Karl Fredrich. Does not contain any original manuscripts or personal papers of May, but includes a two volume typescript (in English) of May's In the Desert. MS-013

Mencken, H.L. The Papers of the Wilton C. Dinges Collection (H.L. Mencken Collection). Includes biographical information on Mencken, correspondence, and a variety of Mencken's manuscripts and publications. MS-001

Milton, John. Professor John A. Himes' notes on Milton's Paradise Regained and a typed manuscript entitled "Earlier English Poems of John Milton," also by Himes. MS-035

"On The Trail of Moän, or Nick Carter Meets With a Great Surprise." New Nick Carter Weekly 627 (New York: Street & Smith, January 2, 1909). MS-32pp. VFM-223

Papashaviley, Helen. Two letters between Helen and Mr. Thomas Cooper regarding a book of the Moby Dick Bookshop. ALS, TLS-2pp. VFM-109

Parker, Horace Shepard. "Address on Gettysburg" includes some good descriptions of the battle, a speech by F.H. Shepard. 19 Aug. 1913. MS-14pp. VFM-191

Parnin, Doris M. Four letters of correspondence between Ms. Parnin and Princeton University seeking an autograph of F. Scott Fitzgerald. ALS-5pp. VFM-111

Perry, Ralph Barton. Letter from Perry to Edred J. Pennell of Mifflintown, PA. 21 May 1945. TLS-1p. VFM-115

Phillips, Harry Irving. Letter from Phillips to Thomas Y. Cooper, thanking him for a letter to be published in the NY Sun. 11 June 1942. TLS-1p. VFM-117

Philomathaean and Phrenakosmian Societies. Record books, constitutions, meeting minutes, account books, and library circulation records document the first literary societies at Pennsylvania (Gettysburg) College. Collection covers the period from 1831-1924 (with gaps). MS-006

Riley, James Witcomb. Letter from Mr. Riley to Mr. Max Floto of the Philomathean Literary Society of PA College. 6 Nov. 1915. TLS-2pp. VFM-122

Rockefeller, Nelson A. Letter from Gov. Rockefeller to Mrs. Pennell accompanying his book, "The Future of Federalism." 19 July 1962. TLS-3pp. VFM-123

Rollin, Kirby. Reproductions of cartoons from the New York World in early 1918. 10-pp. VFM-239

Rood, Kathrine Kressmann Taylor. Playwright, author, and Gettysburg College professor (students included Jerry Spinelli). Rood was the first female professor to retire from Gettysburg College with the title of Professor Emeritus. Collection includes photocopy of newspaper article and webpage printout of articles about "Address Unknown." Also includes correspondence and contracts between Musselman Library staff and the family of Taylor. VFM-248. See also, MS-086

Schillers-Gesellschaft. Constitution of Schillers-Gesellschaft written in German. 18 Dec 1848. ADS-6pp. VFM-125

Shaw, George Bernard. Letter from Shaw written in Venezia, regarding travel plans. 4 June 1929. ALS-1p. VFM-129

Shaw, Leslie Mortier. Two manuscripts written by Shaw on "The American Payroll" but never published because of his death. 28 March 1932. MS-434pp. VFM-130

Singmaster, Elsie. "A Friend," in The Saturday Evening Post. 13 October 1928. MS-2pp. VFM-204 (oversize)

Singmaster, Elsie. "The Fire Tower," in Woman's Home Companion. May 1924 edition. MS-5pp. article. VFM-203 (oversize)

Singmaster-Lawars, Elsie. Letter from Elsie to Mr. Cooper complementing his book. 17 Jan. 1930. TLS-1p. VFM-132

Spinelli, Jerry, Class of 1963. Collection contains the writing of the children's author from 1961-2003, particularly manuscripts (including some original manuscripts), several editions of his books, as well as some promotional material. MS-007

Springer, Nancy Conner, Class of 1970. Correspondence, newspaper clippings, and Springer's manuscripts are included in these papers. 10 boxes. MS-058

Stover, William Caspar. Notebook from an English class at PA College. 9 July 1867. AMs-114pp. VFM-144

Tarkington, Booth. Telegram of gratitude to the Philomathean Literary Society of PA College. 16 Feb. MS-1p. VFM-150

Taylor, Bayard. Brief letter declining an invitation because of a busy winter. 9 Dec. 1865. ALS-1p. VFM-151

Taylor Rood, Katherine Kressman. Collection of Taylor Rood's manuscripts, book reviews and articles, publications, and a scrapbook of press clippings. MS-086

Teeters, Negley King. Two letters from Negley to John Shearer discussing his book and failing health. 11 May 1971. TLS-2pp. VFM-152

Thackeray, William Makepeace. Letter requesting to borrow the "Handbook of London." ALS-1p. VFM-153

Thomas, Lowell. Letter of gratitude to Mr. Cooper. 20 Nov. 1933. TLS-1p. VFM-154

Toynbee, Arnold Joseph. Letters to Mr. Pennell and Prof. Bloom. 5 March 1937. TLS-1p. ALS-1p. VFM-155

Uncle Tom's Cabin. Letter to T.Y. Cooper from Goodspeed's Book Shop discussing details of the first edition of Uncle Tom's Cabin. TLS-2pp. VFM-198

VanDyke, Henry. "The Foot Path to Peace." A brief inspirational note by Van Dyke. AMsS-1p. VFM-157

Wally. Cartoons of the A.E.F. booklet. VFM-240 (oversize)

Warthen, George S. English Professor, 1924-1954. A notebook containing an alphabetical listing of works and their categories. AMs-75pp. VFM-160

Warthen, George S. "A History of the Rolliad." Dissertation from Johns Hopkins University. 1947. MS-066

Zimmerman, Jeremiah. Diary and transcription, which describes his trip to Egypt and the Holy Lands. 23 Mar. 1878 - 10 April 1878. MS-93pp. VFM-170

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