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Special Collections - Lutheran Church Sources: Selected Manuscript Collections

Manuscript Collections


Bikle, Philip M. Collection. 1834-1934 (Class of 1866). Collection consists of personal correspondence, class notes and account books. MS-070

Fortenbaugh, Robert B. The Robert B. Fortenbaugh papers consist mainly of material related to his professional careers as a Lutheran minister and a professor of history at Gettysburg College.  It also includes copies of sermons delivered and articles written on local and Pennsylvania History. MS-097

Glatfelter, Charles H. Papers, Professor of History and Dean of the College (1949-1989). The bulk of the collection deals with the history of Gettysburg College, including Glatfelter's subject and chronological notes that became the basis for A Salutary Influence: Gettysburg College, 1832-1985. Additionally, researchers will find the committee files and faculty papers to be particularly helpful in understanding the academic climate at Gettysburg College from the 1960s to the 1980s. MS-059

Hamsher, Melvin R., Papers, Class of 1904. MS-017

Huber, Charles H. Papers, Class of 1892. MS-005

Koons, Robert W., Papers, Class of 1943. MS-018

Morris, J.G. and Morris-Hay Family Diaries. Ten diaries from the Morris-Hay family, two written by John Gottlieb Morris, 1827-1831 and 1885-1890 and eight by M.A. Hay, 1845-1861. John Gottlieb Morris' diary from 1827-1831 contains church membership and donation records as well as his personal thoughts on the ministerial profession (April 1827) and his sense of duty to the church (26 May 1827). His 1885-1890 diary contains personal financial records and a view of his services as a Lutheran minister and active trustee and part-time lecturer at Pennsylvania College. M.A. Hay, the author of the eight diaries from 1845-1861, speaks mostly about the sermons she hears, her work in the church, bible classes, and visiting friends. MS-106

Schmucker, Samuel Simon, Papers. First professor at the Lutheran Theological Seminary, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and at Gettysburg (Pennsylvania) College. Instrumental in the founding of the College. MS-023

Schmucker, Samuel Simon. In 1999 three institutions in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, sponsored a series of commemorative occasions in recognition of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Samuel Schmucker remembered chiefly for his contributions to education, theology, and social reform in the early American republic. This collection contains material relative to Gettysburg College's contributions to the bicentennial programs and includes a large family genealogical chart and other information relating to the descendants of Schmucker. MS-124

Stuckenberg, John H. W. Journal, lecture, orders, manuscripts and letters of Stuckenberg who served as Chaplain of the 145th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, September 1862 to October 1863. Published guide to the 3 box collection is available in the Reading Room. Stuckenberg's Journal was published in 1995 by D.T. Hedrick and G. B. Davis, as I'm Surrounded by Methodists. MS-093

Vannorsdall, John W. Papers. College Chaplain, 1962 - 1976. MS-069

Woman's General League of Gettysburg College. 1911-1995. MS-040