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What is is a service that helps prevent "link rot" by creating an archived record of a web page and providing you with a unique, citable link (starting with The content of the Perma link will not change, and will remain online even if the original website is taken down or if the original URL changes. The Perma link can then be included in citations, allowing researchers to see a copy of the webpage that you referenced during the creation of your scholarship. is maintained by the Harvard Law School Library and other university law libraries in the United States.

Requesting a sponsored account's free plan allows for 10 trial links. However, Musselman Library is a registrar and can add students and employees as sponsored members, providing you with unlimited links. To request a sponsored account:

  1. Review the Terms of Service and Documentation
  2. Register an account with your email at
  3. Request a sponsored account (Gettysburg College login required)

The library's registrar will review your request and get back to you within 5 business days. Once you have been added as a sponsored member to Musselman Library's account, a Sponsored Links > Musselman Library folder will appear where you can add unlimited links. Please note that any links you include in this folder will be visible to the library's registrar.

Publications and organizations affiliated with Gettysburg College (such as student journals or a lab) can also request sponsorship through the library. This creates a folder that everyone in that group can access.


  • Documentation and user guide
  • Perma links are intended to be used as part of citations per the terms of service. If you want to create archived versions of web pages for a class, use the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.
  • is not a web archiving tool--it only captures the content of a single URL. It will not crawl additional links on a page or capture interactive content.
  • If a permalink for a web page already exists (such as a DOI or library database permalink) then a Perma link should not be created.
  • If a Perma link is created for a non-public webpage (such as a paywalled news article or a library resource) then the Perma link will be marked as private. It will still show up in your Perma collection, but only you will be able to see the content.
  • When citing Perma links, consult your style manual. However, most indicate that you should cite both the Perma link and the original link.