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MUSCAT Plus Search Tools

Subject: Search LGBTQ Resources for all material that pertains to more than one letter of the acronym.

Looking for a person? If you are looking for works by or about a specific person, search their name as a keyword. If they have contributed to anthologies, their name will come up in the table of contents. If there was something written about them, their name will likewise come up in the table of contents. 

Researching queer history? If you are looking for works produced around the same time as an historical issue or event, do a subject search for Queer studies--Historiography. We have tagged everything published before 1990 with that subject, as that seemed to be a turning point in queer history. 

A note about subject headings: We attempt to be as broad as possible when creating the subject headings, but we have to work within the boundaries of pre-existing Library of Congress subject headings. As such, we pick the heading that seems to be as close as possible to what I want, but it might not be a perfect fit. Outdated language still pervades the Library of Congress subject headings, so we might have to use words that no longer have the same connotations as when the heading was created. We apologize for any outdated, imprecise, or possibly-offensive language that we might have to use. 

Online Databases

Additional Campus Resources

Musselman Library isn't the only place on campus where you can find great LGBTQ resources! Check out these other campus services: