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LGBTQ+: Bisexual

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Call Number Ranges: HQ 74; HQ 74.2; HQ 1035-1035.5

Keywords: Bisexual, Bisexuality

Subject Search Terms: Bisexuality

Check These Out!

Book: Getting Bi: Voices of Bisexuals Around the World (Bisexual-identified individuals from various cultural and economic backgrounds speak about topics related to bisexuality.)

On the Web: The American Institute of Bisexuality (Includes access to Bi Magazine and a helpful resources page)

Online Database: LGBT Life (A searchable database of articles related to LGBT topics)

Feature Film: 3 (Both halves of a middle-aged couple fall in love with the same, younger man.)

Documentary: Bisexuality: A Conversation with Robyn Ochs (A bisexual woman explains bisexuality as she experiences it)


Fictional books including bisexual characters and/or focusing on bisexual issues. Please note location when looking these titles up in the catalog; some of them may be in the Browsing Room.

Top Ten Books

Hannah's picks for the ten most informative and important books on bisexuality in the book collection.


These are general online resources that can provide an overview of bisexuality and bisexual issues, but might not be suitable for research purposes.

Feature Films


Hover over titles to view descriptions of the documentaries.

Magazines & Journals

These are links to the websites associated with the magazines. Musselman Library offers some of them in the browsing periodicals section on the main floor.