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LGBTQ+: Transgender

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Keywords: Transgender, transsexual

Subject Search Terms: transgender,  transsexual, transsexuals, trangender people, transgenderism, gender identity

Check These Out!

Book: Transgender 101 (For a quick introduction to transgender issues)

On the Web: Wikipedia Transgender Portal (For general information, definitions, and interesting links); Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender (For scholarly articles about transgender issues and more in-depth research)

Online Database: LGBT Life (A searchable database of articles related to LGBT topics)

Feature Film: Boys Don't Cry (Hilary Swank stars as Brandon Teena, who was born Teena Brandon. Based on a true story.)

Documentary: The Gender Puzzle (A scientific, social, and medical examination of transgender issues)


Fictional books including transgender characters and/or focusing on transgender issues.

Top Ten Books

Hannah's picks for the ten most informative and important books on trans* issues in the book collection.

Feature Films

Magazines & Journals

Musselman library offers these titles on the main floor in the periodicals section. These are links to the websites associated with the magazines.