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News: Gettysburg Newspapers

Musselman Library's collection of Gettysburg and Adams County, PA newspapers

Gettysburg and Adams County, PA

The following is a chronological list of Gettysburg, PA newspaper titles available in Musselman Library in either print or microfilm form.

Note: Early Gettysburg and Adams County newspapers on microfilm are filed in the newspaper microfilm cabinets with the Gettysburg Times under the label: Gettysburg Early Miscellaneous Newspapers.

El Diario Latino. Un periodico en Español para la comunidad Latina (Aug. 27, 2003-2010)
This was a Spanish language newspaper for the Latino community that was published along with The Gettysburg Times. It is no longer in publication, but issues from its active period can be accessed via Newspaper Archive. Since it is not indexed by publication title, limit your location to Pennsylvania and then search for "Diario Latino" and a date if needed. It's included with Gettysburg Times issues.

Hanover, PA

Gettysburg and Adams County, PA newspapers

The following are databases that provide digital access to the full text of various Gettysburg, PA newspapers:

Gettysburg College Publications

Gettysburg College Student Publications




**Gettysburg College History in Special Collections--a complete listing of College and Student Publications