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Online Learning for Information Literacy: Research Skills

A collection of online tutorials, videos, class exercises, and assessments for developing students' information literacy.

Use this Collection for Your Classes

This collection of tutorials, videos, class exercises, and assessments are designed to be useful no matter how you're teaching—in person or online, synchronously or asynchronously, with a librarian or without. You can find:

  • Resources for courses at all levels to develop students' information literacy
  • Scenarios where each of the tutorials/videos may be appropriate
  • Assistance with integrating resource into Moodle or using them as graded assignments
We develop new materials each semester. If there is a concept or skill for which you'd like a tutorial, please let us know. We are happy to design it for your class. Please email with any questions or requests.

Integrate into Moodle

The tutorials and videos can be integrated into your course Moodle site, either as an individual link or as a new assignment activity. If you need assistance, please consult the "Moodle Guide" site within Gettysburg's Moodle.


Assigning and Grading

If you're interested in assigning tutorials/videos and want to discuss grading and receiving student responses, either within a tutorial itself or within Moodle, please note this in your class session request.

If you'd like to assign a tutorial and assessment without a class session, please contact the Research & Instruction Department via email at Tutorials can include an assessment with final results in Excel format for grading or participation.