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Special Collections - Pennsylvania Sources: Select Manuscripts

Select Manuscripts

Automobile Route Book. Produced by the National Exchange Bank of Baltimore. Original covers and folding map of Maryland. Mile by mile text directions. Directions to and from places such as: Cumberland, MD., Hagerstown, MD., Frederick, MD., Baltimore, MD., Gettysburg, PA., York, PA., Philadelphia, PA., Wilmington, DE., Washington DC, and Westminster, MD. Macadam roads distinguished from dirt roads with red. 1913. VFM-362

Bell, Whitfield Jenks, Jr. Documents pertaining to the Fifth Rose Hill Seminar on Pennsylvania History, held 19 June 1976, during which a white pine was planted and dedicated to Bell. Includes the dedication speech written by Henry E. Clepper; a photocopy of a memorandum sent to the speakers by Homer Rosenberger, 28 Feb. 1976; and a program of speakers and attendees. Ms-6pp. VFM-331

Blythe, Ezra and Calvin Blyth. Six letters written by Ezra Blythe and Calvin Blythe, 1830-1841. Includes transcription of the letters. The January 26, 1833 letter mentions appropriation bill passed for Pennsylvania College. ALS-12pp. VFM-306

Brumbaugh, Martin Grove. Letter from Brumbaugh to the Philomathean Society of PA College regarding his honorary membership. 5 Nov. 1915. TLS-1p. VFM-22

Clutz, Mrs. Jacob A. Photocopy of "Some Personal Recollections of the Battle of Gettysburg," a privately published memoir. MS-13pp. VFM-179

Cooper, Thomas Yost. The collection gives insight into the special interests of Thomas Yost Cooper, a Hanover, PA newspaper man, including local and Pennsylvania history, writing, reading, the newspaper business, movies, and Marlene Dietrich. MS-113

Davis, James J. Letter from Senator Davis of PA, to president Hanson discussing possible topics for his Commencement address. TLS-1p. VFM-37

Dempsey, Jack. Two postcards of Dempsey's restaurant and an envelope from a stationary store. The second postcard is autographed. Auto-1p. VFM-39

Duquesne, Fort. (Pittsburgh) Reproduction of a letter containing information about the conquest of the Fort and the protection of Virginia and Maryland. AMS-1p. VFM-42

Findlay, William. Letter to the president of the Bank of PA requesting stock issued by the US Congress. 16 June 1820. ALS-1p. VFM-49

Fortenbaugh, Robert B. The Robert B. Fortenbaugh papers consist mainly of material related to his professional careers as a Lutheran minister and a professor of history at Gettysburg College.  It also includes copies of sermons delivered and articles written on local and Pennsylvania History  MS-097

Frey, George. Synopsis of Will by George Frey, systematically arranged. 16 May 1806. D-1p. VFM-53

Fulton, Leonard. Letters to Mr. Fulton of El Cerrito, CA from four political figures in DC, PA, NH, and CA. Mr. Fulton was expressing his concern over the impending war with Vietnam. 21 Nov 1962 - 23 Sept 1963. TLS-8pp. VFM-54

Hay, Charles Augustus. "Notes on Pastoral Theology." MS-32pp. VFM-70

Hoover, J. Edgar. Letter on US Dept. of Justice letterhead to Mr. Barnitz, thanking him for his thoughtfulness regarding an article from the Gettysburg Times. TLS-1p. VFM-75

Jacobs, Henry Eyster. ALS-3pp from Henry B. Jacobs containing his remembrances of Lincoln. Also, a manuscript from H.E. Jacobs. Some excerpts from the manuscript were published in Dr. Jacob's book, " Lincoln's Gettysburg World Message." In 1919. MS-39pp. VFM-79

Kramer, Frank H. See "Miscellaneous" series for Indian arrow heads from Chester County, Pennsylvania and a book entitled Stories of Pennsylvania, 1835-1860. MS-004

Lewis, George. Receipt for fees paid to General Court. 1820. D-1p. VFM-189

McKnight, Harvey. Note to student and lyrics from the Republican State Committee. ANS-2pp. VFM-190

Musselman Family. Photocopies of articles regarding the Musselman family, the Musselman farming business, and company president John Hauser. Also includes Fall 1985 issue of the Gettysburg Hospital Quarterly and Down Memory Lane with Members of the Adams County Fruit Growers Association, vol. II. 25pp. VFM-244

Sloan, Samuel. Letter to Deputy surveyor Samuel Cochman. Mentions James Gettys and political leaders of the time. 28 June 1800. ALS-2pp. VFM-133

Sproul, William Cameron. Invitation to the inauguration of Sproul as Governor of PA; Edward Beidelman as Lt. Governor. 21 Jan. 1919. D-2pp. VFM-137

Tax collector's receipt book. Washington Township, Lycoming County Pennsylvania ca. 1810 John Sedom Duplicate copy. AMsS VFM-296

Thornburgh, Dick. Letter to Gettysburg College from Governor: 150th Celebration. Letter to the college from Governor Dick Thornburgh 1982 celebrating the College's 150th birthday. TLS-1p. VFM-300

Topographic Map of Adams County, Pennsylvania. Adams County, Plate I, surveyed in 1906-1908. 1 D. VFM-227

Y.M.C.A. Records, letters, and minutes of the YMCA of PA College 1867-1872. MS-188pp. VFM-168