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Special Collections and College Archives: GettDigital

New to Special Collections and College Archives? Explore this page for a brief introduction!

GettDigital Collections - Online Primary Sources

GettDigital is an online portal to the digital collections created by Special Collections & College Archives and offered through CONTENTdm. These digital primary sources include a wide variety of material types and subjects including College Photographsthe Civil War EraWorld War IWorld War IIthe Vietnam WarEisenhower, and rare book bindings. As of 2021, we offer 38 GettDigital Collections with over 75,000 digital learning objects.

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Other Digital Collections

In addition to the GettDigital Collections, we offer a sampling of our digital content on the following platforms:

The Gettysburgian (on Olive Software)

The Gettysburgian is the official newspaper of Gettysburg College. Issues from 1897-2010 are available online.


JSTOR Forum provides access to Special Collections and College Archives digital primary sources through the Neil Beach Biology Slide Collection, the Stuckenberg Map Collection, and the GettOpen Collection of selected materials in the public domain.

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive provides online access to the Course Catalog of Gettysburg College, 1837-2006 as well as selected volumes from Special Collections and College Archives rare book collection.


Using the Archive-IT tool, Gettysburg College captures web content created by and of curricular interest to the campus community. Content includes the College website, blogs, and social media.

Digital Public Library of America

Selected objects from Special Collections and College Archives digital collections are available through the DPLA. The Digital Public Library of America is an all-digital library that collects descriptive information along with thumbnail images of materials such as photographs, books, maps, oral histories, letters, museum objects, documents, artwork, and more from institutions throughout the US.