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Civil War Information Topic Guide: Microforms



African-American Studies

Civil War Era Studies

  • Compiled Records Showing Military Units in Volunteer Union Organizations
    Microfilm E494 .C67
    14 reels
    Note: Card abstracts containing information relating to the stations, movements, or activities of each unit, and its organization or composition, strengths and losses, and disbandment.
  • Compiled Records Showing Service of Military Units in Volunteer Union organizations. U.S.Colored Troops
    Microfilm E 540 .N3 C67
    14 reels (reels #204-#217)
    Note: Card abstracts containing information relating to the stations, movements, or activities of each unit, and its organization or composition, strengths and losses, and disbandment.
  • Confederarte Military Manuscripts
    This large collection includes personal correspondence, diaries, memoirs, military records, travel writings, and accounts of African Americans in the service of the Confederacy.
    Series A: Micro E484 .C75 - Series B: Micro E484 .C752
    Series C: Micro E484 .C754 - Series D: Micro E484 .C756
  • Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Union Soldiers Who Served with United States Colored Troops 
    Microfilm E 540.N3 I48
    98 reels
  • Records of Ante Bellum Southern Plantations from the Revolution through the Civil War 
    Series C: Micro HD1471 .U5 R44
    Series G: Micro HD1471 .U5 R48 -Series H: Micro HD 1471 .U5 R49
    This set includes family papers, personal and business correspondence, travel writings, financial and legal papers, business records, and diaries. 
  • Records of the 54th Mass Infantry (Colored)
    Microfilm E513.5 54th .R42 1992
    7 reels
  • United States -- History -- Civil War (various materials about the Civil War and the Southern states with Library of Congress classification DA400 - F 503.5)
    Several drawers
  • Confederate Imprints 1861-1865 (no.2392-no.3413)
    Microfilm E 484 .C7
    36 reels (we have reels #73-#108)
    Finding tool: Confederate Imprints: A Bibliography of Southern Publications from Secession to Surrender, available in the Reference Collection at F 214 .P37 1987.
    Note: Confederate imprints date from the time of a state's secession to the surrender of troops by a military commander or governmental official. An imprint is any book, pamphlet, broadside, map, piece of sheet music, pictorial print, newspaper, or magazine published in Confederate-held territory.
  • Travels in the Confederate States
    Microcard [various LC call numbers; some are cataloged in MUSCAT and most are not]
    Finding tool: Travels in the Confederate States, a Bibliography is available in the Reference Collection at F 214 .C68 1948.
    Note: The purpose of this series by E. Murton Coulter is to answer questions like, What was the South like during the war years? How did its people respond to war conditions? What was the effect of the war on the region? What destruction did the territory suffer? What was the reaction of federal soldiers to prison life? What were their reactions to the destruction, carnage, and pillage of war? The observations of nonmilitary observers are also included in this set, journalists, foreigners, visitors, and innocent victims.
  • The Papers of George B. McClellan
    Microfilm E 467.1 .M2 A3
    82 reels
    Note: Army officer and Governor of New Jersey. Correspondence, diaries, military papers, memoranda, telegrams, notes, MSS. of writings, printed copies of speeches, articles, and books, chiefly 1850-85. More than half the collection is related to McClellan's Civil War service, particularly the Yorktown and Antietam Campaigns. Includes papers relating to the Mexican War, West point, expeditions to Texas, Arkansas, and Washington Territory, travels in Europe, politics, McClellan's campaign for President in 1864, and the Governorship of New Jersey; and much family correspondence. Correspondents include Samuel L. M. Barlow, Samuel S. Cox, George T. Curtis, Edward Everett, William B. Franklin, Joseph E. Johnston, Louis Phillipe d'Orleans, Allan Pinkerton, Fitz-John Porter, W. C. Prime, and William S. Rosecrans.
  • The Papers of Gideon Welles - Micro E 467.1 .W46 W46 1988

Women's Studies

  • The Papers of Anna E. Dickinson
    Microfilm E 415.9 .D48 A4
    25 reels
    Note: Anna Dickinson was an orator during the Civil War era and spoke on abolition and women's rights. The set contains: "Correspondence, speeches, writings, plays, legal files, financial papers, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, and printed material, chiefly 1859-1911, relating to Miss Dickinson's activities on behalf of abolition and women's rights and suffrage and to her career in the theater. Other topics include the elections of 1872 and 1888, the Republican Party, mental hospitals, the Civil War and Reconstruction, and education. Correspondents include William B. Allison, Susan B. Anthony, Henry Ward Beecher,Samuel Bowles, Noah Brooks, Benjamin F. Butler, Frederick Douglass, Ellen Everett, William Lloyd Garrison, Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Isabella Beecher Hooker, Wendell Phillips, Samuel C. Pomeroy, Fanny Davenport Price, Whitelaw Reid, Carl Schurz, Theodore Tilton, Mark Twain, Charles Dudley Warner, and John Greenleaf Whittier ..."
    Finding tool: the first reel of microfilm includes a guide to the collection (sorry, no print guide)
  • Elizabeth Cady Stanton / Susan B Anthony Papers 
    Microfilm HQ1413 .S689 P37 
    45 reels
    Finding tool: a guide to this collection is located in the Reference Collection HQ 1413 .S689 P37 Guide, The Papers of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony: Guide and Index to the Microfilm Edition.

Other Civil War Era Materials

  • U. S. Sanitary Commission Records - Micro E 631 .A65
    Guide: MICRO E 631 .A65 Guide
  • State Labor Reports (from the end of the Civil War to the beginning of the 20th century, organized by state)
    Microfiche HD 4835 .U5
    Note: Labor statistics
  • Herndon-Weik Collection (Lincolniana) - includes letters/documents by or to Abraham Lincoln, Lincoln law cases, and more
    Microfilm E 457 .H538
    15 reels - 
    Finding tool: Reel #15 is an index to the set
  • Papers of Abraham Lincoln
    Microfilm E 457.98 .L56 1959
    97 reels
    Finding tool: The (print) index to this collection is available in the Reference Collection at E457.91 .I52 1960.
  • The Papers of Ephraim Squier (1821-1888)
    Microfilm F 1436 .S77
    14 reels
    Note: Epharaim Squier was a diplomat to Central America, an archaeologist in Latin America and the United States, and was the chief editor for Frank Leslie's publishing house.
  • Congressional Record (and its predecessors, Register of Debates in Congress and Congressional Globe), 1824-present
    Microfilm [no call number]
    Many drawers

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