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When Is the Next Election?

November 8, 2022

The next US General Election will be held November 8rd. The deadline to register to vote in Pennsylvania is October 24th

Can I register in PA?

Did you know?

College students are eligible to register in Pennsylvania using their campus address (deadline October 24th).

Absentee / mail-in voting applications for Pennsylvania are due November 1st (but you should apply well before-hand). 

Do I need an ID at my polling location in Pennsylvania?

If voting at a new polling site for the first time, voters need to present a form of identification. For more information on acceptable forms of IDs, check out the PA voter website.


Voter Registration Information

Can I register to vote online?

Most states allow online registration, including Pennsylvania, New York, and Maryland, but New Jersey has mail-in registration only. 

Voter registration links

Voting in Person

Where do I vote? The CUB is once again up for neenovations (Photo Courtesy of Gettysburg College).

All students registered to vote in Pennsylvania using their Gettysburg College address are in Gettysburg voting district #2, which will be voting in the  College Union Building!!

If you aren't registered using your campus address, you can check with your local voter registration board to find your polling location. 

When can I vote?

In Gettysburg, the polls will be open on November 8th from 7 am to 8 pm. 

More Adams County election resources are available on their website.

Sign up to Vote by Mail

How do I vote remotely?

Once you are registered to vote, you can request an absentee mail-in ballot. In Pennsylvania, absentee ballot applications are due November 1st.  

How do I return an absentee/mail-in ballot?

You can drop off your ballot in any USPS post office, or most states and counties have secure mail-in ballot drop boxes. You can find out where your local drop box is on the website of your local voter registration board. 

In Gettysburg, there is a secure dropbox in the lobby of the Adams County Courthouse, at 117 Baltimore Street. The courthouse is open for drop-off Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm. In Adams County, Pennsylvania, ballots must be received by 8 pm on November 8th.