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Scholarly Communications: For Students

Benefits for Student Authors

"How does sharing my work in The Cupola benefit me?"

It's public. Your work will be available to anyone, anywhere, forever. The link will not change. You may share it on your resume, graduate school applications, website, social media, or in any way you like.

It's findable. Publications are indexed by Google, Google Scholar, etc, and are easily findable on the free web.

It's still yours. You retain copyright, and the work is still yours to do with as you please. You may continue to revise it and even to submit it for publication in a journal.

How Students Can Participate

If your professor nominates your work for inclusion in The Cupola, you should feel honored! What's next?

  1. Give yourself a pat on the back.
  2. Complete the online release form. We find that authors describe their work best, so please help us do that by providing keywords and an abstract. The form also grants us a "nonexclusive license" to share your work in The Cupola - this means that you still own copyright and can do what you want with it in the future.
  3. Send us your work. Usually an email attachment is fine.
  4. After we post your work, be sure to link in your resume, graduate school applications, online portfolio, and social media.

If you are really proud of your work and would like to share it in The Cupola, complete the Student Nomination Form to self-nominate your work. We will contact the faculty member who supervised it and ask their approval. If they respond positively, we will move ahead!

We actively seek submissions of student work that wins awards, such as the Stock Writing Prize, the Crane Fiction Prize, and other campus honors. We do not seek faculty approval to post these works (as they have already been evaluated for quality). We will post them with permission from the student authors/award winners.

We host five student journals in The Cupola, which are peer-reviewed by student editors and reviewers. Any Gettysburg student may submit to these journals. The Gettysburg Social Sciences Review and the GC Journal of the Civil War Era are also open to submissions from undergraduates at other institutions.

If you are interested in starting a new journal, please get in touch!