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GettDigital Collections: Gettysburg College Collections

GettDigital Gettysburg College Collections

Gettysburg College Artifacts and Memorabilia 

This digital collection showcases historic artifacts & memorabilia of Gettysburg (Pennsylvania) College. The Gettysburg College Artifact Collection is part of a wider group of digital collections that provide virtual access to materials of intellectual and cultural significance to the College community.

Gettysburg College Dance Card Collection

This digital collection features a selection of dance cards belonging to Gettysburg (Pennsylvania) College from 1882-1949. The dance cards found in this collection represent a wide range of events, from those sponsored by Gettysburg College itself to numerous Greek affiliated events.

Peaking in popularity between the late 19th and early 20th century, women used dance cards to record a list of the men she intended to dance with at any ball or formal. The dance cards represented in this collection not only vary in event sponsorship but also in physical appearance and contents. Covers range in materials from wood to foil, containing event menus to entire song lists.

“Shall We Dance?” does not represent the entirety of Gettysburg College’s Dance Card Collection and each dance card digitized may not include every page of the physical item. However, the digitized pages were each chosen for a specific reasons including: (1) Having a unique and aesthetically appealing cover; (2) Containing handwritten notes; or (3) Representing the only dance card for a specific event or Greek affiliation. 

Gettysburg College Film Collection

This collection features film footage of Gettysburg College athletic events from the 1920s - 1980s.

Gettysburg College Manuscripts

This digital collection features unpublished, historic documents relating to Gettysburg (Pennsylvania) College. 

Gettysburg College Music Collection

This collection is a collaboration between Special Collections and the Sunderman Conservatory of Music. This collection provides a visual history of Music at Gettysburg College through photographs, LP covers, programs, articles, posters and other materials which showcase the creativity of Gettysburg College musicians.

Gettysburg College Oral History Collection

The oral history collection at Gettysburg College consists of transcripts (and, in some cases, sound recordings) of interviews documenting Gettysburg College, World War II, the Vietnam War, and the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg. 

Gettysburg College Photographs

This digital collection highlights historic images of Gettysburg (Pennsylvania) College. 

Gettysburg College Publications

This digital collection provides access to Gettysburg (Pennsylvania) College publications.


Gettysburg College Sheet Music

A digital collection of sheet music of Gettysburg College songs. 

Gettysburg College Theatre Arts Collection

This digital collection features tickets, photographs, set designs, posters, programs, costumes and other production materials highlighting the history of Theatre Arts at Gettysburg College.