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SciFinder, a database of chemical substances, reactions, and literature references, is available via the web but you must create an individual account before using it.  You only need to register once, but be sure to register on campus using your email address.  Please record your username/password!  REGISTER.  Wait for your activation email to arrive, and then use the main login page to access SciFinder.

When you use the structure drawing editor, you may need to update your Java applet cache.  Just follow the instructions and let the computer update it.  View SciFinder How To Guides (from CAS).

The library subscribes to an unlimited simultaneous users model for SciFinder.  If you are unable to get in, please contact so that we can troubleshoot.


SciFinderⁿ - A CAS Solution

SciFinder-n is CAS's new interface for SciFinder.

KEY FEATURES of SciFinder-n:

  • All Search function—search all reactions, substances, and references at once
  • Keyword searching and relevancy ranking
  • Citation maps from reference searches—backward and forward citations, and color-coded relevance ranking
  • Perform multiple searches and retain your original query using multiple browser tabs
  • Save searches and filter past searches
  • Structure searching—any structures drawn or edited in CAS Draw carry over to ChemDoodle
  • Retrosynthesis planning—generate a full retrosynthetic analysis of all known synthetic routes for any known molecule
  • Reaction search results are grouped by scheme
  • Filter reaction search results by Experimental Protocols -> MethodsNow Synthesis to view step by step procedures and protocols
  • Use PatentPak to view full-text patents from 46 major patent offices


Q. How do I login to SciFindern?
A. Simply use your current SciFinder username and password.  Click THIS LINK to login.

Q. How do new users register for SciFinder-n?
A. New users will register for SciFinder-n with their Gettysburg College email address at this REGISTRATION link..

View SciFinder-n system requirements and recommendations.

Access the SciFinder-n Quick Reference Guide for a step by step journey into SciFinder-n features and/or view SciFinder-n training resources/videos.

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