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Chemistry Tools

Ptable - HTML interactive periodic table (no waiting for page to load). Use tabs at top to instantly see descriptions, properties, orbitals, isotopes, compounds. Has state of matter slider (gas, liquid, solid) at high/low temperatures. Time machine option displays only the elements discovered by that year. Demo video shows how to use Ptable most effectively. Browse, search, print.

Royal Society of Chemistry Ptable - This HTML option from RSC provides an interactive Ptable and more--history, alchemy, element podcasts, element videos and trends. Home tab quickly returns you to Periodic Table and info/links to download free apps for mobile phones and tablets.

ChemEd Digital Library Tools - Use this collaborative, community-driven toolbox of resources to share your work, learn chemistry and benefit from what others have done. For example, manipulate 3-D compound models with your mouse to examine structure and bonding  and demonstrate molecular geometries, vibrations, symmetry and orbitals.

Chemical Safety Library - The Pistoia Alliance Chemical Safety Library (CSL) is a searchable repository of crowd-sourced chemical safety incident information. The open access platform, developed and hosted by CAS, allows users to search for submitted hazardous reaction information, contribute new incident information to the library, and download aggregated information to integrate with internal workflows and knowledge bases.

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