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Civil War Era Studies: Reference Sources

Reference Sources

  • The Encyclopedia of the American Civil War -- REF E468 .H47 2000
    Provides coverage of various people, places, and events associated with the American Civil War. Volume five also contains a large number of transcribed primary source documents.

  • Battle Chronicles of the Civil War (6 vols.) -- REF E470 .B29 1989

  • Civil War Battlefield Guide -- REF E641 .C58 1998
    An encylopedia and guide covering in chronological order over 380 of the wars battles, skirmishes and engagments. A number of maps are included as well as the relative strengths and casualties for the two sides involved.

  • Gettysburg: A Battlefield Atlas -- REF E475.53 S95 1992

  • The American Civil War: A Handbook of Literature and Research --
    REF E 456 .A53 1996
    This handbook is a guide to both secondary and primary sources covering events leading to the war, international relations, leaders, strategy and tactics, conduct of the war, the home front, and Reconstruction.

  • Women During the Civil War -- REF E628 .H37 2004

  • The Civil War Dictionary -- REF E468 .B7 1988

  • Encyclopedia of the Confederacy -- REF E487 .E55 1993
    A four-volume set that treats the Confederate States of America as a nation giving an overview of the South's social, cultural, political, and military environment.

  • Compendium of the Confederacy: an Annotated Bibliography of Books, Pamphlets, and Serials -- REF E487 .W75 1989
    A short title compilation of books, pamphlets, and serials relating to the Confederacy, compiled from periodicals, journals and booksellers' catalogues.

  • In Tall Cotton: the 200 Most Important Confederate Books for the Reader, Researcher, and Collector -- E487 .H362 (Special Collections)
    An annotated list of titles written for scholars and researchers to understand the Confederacy referring to poetry, diaries, personal narratives, biographies, reminiscences, collections of letters, and fiction.

  • The National Tribune: A Guide to Selected Materials of Civil War Interest -- REF E468 .E468 1968

  • War of the Rebellion, a Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies -- E464 .U6 1985
    This 128-volume set is housed in Special Collections. This large collection reproduces thousands of Union and Confederate telegrams, dispatches, orders, and battle reports. Also included are documents relating to post-war trials, including the Lincoln assassination conspiracy trial, acts passed by the Confederate Congress, and documents pertaining to conscription and blockade running.

  • Who was Who in the Civil War -- REF E467 .S56 1988

  • Who was Who in the Confederacy : a Comprehensive, Illustrated Biographical Reference to more than 1,000 of the Principal Confederacy Participants in the Civil War -- REF E467 .S562 1988

  • Who was Who in the Union : a Comprehensive, Illustrated Biographical Reference to more than 1,500 of the Principal Union Participants in the Civil War -- REF E467 .S564 1988

  • Encyclopedia of Civil War Biographies -- REF E467 .E53 2000

  • Encylopedia of Civil War Usage -- REF 468.9 .G373 2001
    Lists and explains common phrases, sayings and slang frequently employed by the Civil War soldier.

  • Compendium of the Confederate Armies (10 vols.) -- REF E546 .S58 1992
    Each volume (organized by state) covers artillery, cavalry, and infantry. Entries include organization details, commanding officers, battles and campaigns, etc.

  • A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion (3 vols, Union focused) -- Oversize E491 .D99 1959 (Special Collections)
    Vol. 1: Number and organization of the armies of the United States. Vol. 2: Chronological record of the campaigns, battles, engagements, actions, combats, sieges, skirmishes, etc., in the United States, 1860 to 1865. Vol. 3: Regimental histories.

  • 1400 Days : the Civil War Day by Day --REF E468.3 .B57 1990

  • Military Bibliography of the Civil War (4 vols.) -- REF E468 .D67 1971
    Bibliography of regimental publications, personal narratives, biographies, etc.

  • Tracing Your Civil War Ancestor -- REF CD3047 .G76 1987 (Special Collections)