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Business, Organizations, and Management: MGT301 - Thomas

Empirical articles.  Theoretical articles. Review articles.  What's the difference?

Empirical articles include research that derives its data by means of direct observation of experiment. This type of research is often published in peer-reviewed journals/scholarly journals.  Here's an example of an empirical article.

Theoretical articles do not contain experimental/research data.  Instead, authors draw upon existing research to form a new theory or explore theories in a new way.  This type of scholarship is also published in peer-reviewed journals/scholarly journals. Here's an example of a theoretical article.

Review articles are an attempt by one or more writers to write a summation of the current state of research on a particular topic or an area of research. These articles are also often published in peer-reviewed journals/scholarly journals.  Here's an example of a review article.

Peer-reviewed journals have a peer-review board (experts in the field) that select, review, and approve articles for inclusion in a journal.


What type of source is this?

Gallucci, A. R., Martin, R. J., & Morgan, G. B. (2016). The consumption of energy drinks among a sample of college students and college student athletes. Journal of Community Health, 41(1), 109-118. doi:

What type of article is this?
Empirical: 60 votes (85.71%)
Theoretical: 3 votes (4.29%)
Review: 7 votes (10%)
Total Votes: 70

Beedie, C. J. (2010). All in the mind? Pain, placebo effect, and ergogenic effect of caffeine in sports performance. Open Access Journal of Sports Medicine, 1, 87-94. doi:

What type of article is this?
Empirical: 4 votes (6.25%)
Theoretical: 34 votes (53.13%)
Review: 26 votes (40.63%)
Total Votes: 64

Cole, R. J., Oliver, A., & Blaviesciunaite, A. (2014). The changing nature of workplace culture. Facilities, 32(13), 786-800. doi:

What type of article is this?
Empirical: 3 votes (5.45%)
Theoretical: 23 votes (41.82%)
Review: 29 votes (52.73%)
Total Votes: 55

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When searching for books you have two main options.

Use MUSCAT Plus to find books we have at Musselman Library
Use WorldCat to search for and request books from other libraries


Besure to leave yourself enough time for the book to be delivered. If you want to borrow books from other libraries you will need an ILLiad account. If you don't already have an ILLiad account it takes just a couple of minutes to set one up.

Aren't sure where to find a book in the library?  Note the book's call number that is listed in MUSCAT Plus, and then check the call number signs posted at the research help desk and at each floor's entrance for call number locations.

Tips for Writing Your Literature Review

Here are a couple of resources that provide helpful guidelines for writing a literature review: