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Special Collections - Art Sources: Select Manuscripts & Files

Subject Vertical Files

Researchers in Art might want to consult the following Subject Vertical Files:

  • Art Department
  • Mercury
  • Music Department
  • Films-- American Film Festival/Foreign Film Series
  • Owl and Nightingale Miscellaneous/Programs/Scripts
  • Poetry
  • Sunderman, F. William-- Chamber Music Concert Series

Keep in mind that these are a few suggestions, but not an exhaustive list.  Consult an archivist for assistance or additional suggestions.

GettDigital Collections

Asian Art
A digital archive showcasing half of the College's 2,000-item collection of Asian art, which includes ceramics, jewelry, jade, and other artifacts.


GettDigital Collections

GettDigital Collections

GettDigital is an online portal to the digital collections created by Special Collections and College Archives. These digital primary sources include a wide variety of material types representing subjects such as College History, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Vietnam War, Eisenhower, and rare book bindings. 



Select Manuscript and Vertical File Manuscript Collections

Ambassadors in Song: Gettysburg College Choir. Compilation of documents relating to the GCC World Concert tour of 1967. MS-68pp. VFM-174

Arms, Richard A. Collection consists of plays dating to the 19th Century; playbills from Broadway shows, many of them from original productions; and promptbooks of shows produced in the 1970s by the Players Repertory Theatre of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. MS-037

Arms, Richard A. Four manuscripts of original plays by Arms. Two hardbound, handwritten, signed notebooks of I Want to Know and one typed copy belonging to Louise D. Bream. Also includes manuscript ...And Stardust. 1920. 2 Ms, 1 AMsS. VFM-8

Cooper, Thomas Yost. See Cooper's scrapbooks, three of which contain trade cards ca. 1890s. Unprocessed collection.

Copybook. Bound notebook full of random pictures and facts. "Washington's Writings Volume XI" MS-11pp. VFM-35

Crapster, Walter. Five two-sided parchments containing ink and color depictions of ten different Bible stories. MS-5pp. VFM-36

Goethe. Program for the Goethe Centenary (Frankfurt, Germany 1932) and article clipped from book or magazine on Goethe (unknown source and date). 2 D. VFM-243

Goethe Album. Album with leather covers showing 2 scenes from the park in Weimar. A New Year gift to Caroline, Countess of Egloffstein, from Goethe. Album contains an inscription showing that he presented the gift 1 Jan 1828. Also includes two poems and a lock of Goethe's hair. MS-51pp. VFM-62

Jefferson, Joseph. Letter to W.H. Daley describing the marriage of Joe and Blanche. 18 June 1891. ALS-1p. VFM-80

Jesus Christ Superstar. 1971 production by Gettysburg College, directed by Lawrence R. Recla, Chaplain Intern. CD sound recording, advertisements, schedules, and several letters regarding the perfromance, among other documents, are included (copies). Ms-46pp. 33 colored and b/w photographs. VFM-214

Kieran, John. Letter from Kieran of the NY Sun, to Mr. Cooper, regarding a previous inquiry by Cooper. 24 April 1944. TLS-1p. VFM-84

Kramer, Frank H., Class of 1914. Consult Series IV concerning Oriental Art. It contains materials that Kramer used in his courses: lesson plans, lecture notes, class rosters, appraisals/descriptions of the art, exhibit/auction catalogues, photographs and Japanese block prints, correspondence, and a copy of a textbook that Kramer wrote on Oriental Art. MS-004

Lind, Jenny. Ticket and program from Mademoiselle Jenny Lind's first grand concert. 9 June 1851. D-2pp. VFM-94

McKnight, Harvey. Note to student and lyrics from the Republican State Committee. ANS-2pp. VFM-190

McPherson, Abigail. First page of "Floras Dictionary." MS-1p. VFM-99

Rollin, Kirby. Reproductions of cartoons from the New York World in early 1918. 10pp. VFM-239

Schmucker Art Gallery and Department of Visual Arts Lecture. Poster for the lecture A Hidden Picasso, An Exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao by Will Shank, Artist Conservator and Independent Curator, 3 Nov. 2005. Poster is autographed by Will Shank. 1p. VFM-316 (oversized)

Schuman-Heink, Ernestine. Letter from Schuman to Mr. Cooper describing his love of music. 28 Nov. 1933. TLS-1p. VFM-126

Theatre Arts Departmen. Costume sketches for Gettysburg College theatre department productions. Ills-1p. VFM-318 (oversized)

Thomas, Lowell. Letter of gratitude to Mr. Cooper. 20 Nov. 1933. TLS-1p. VFM-154

Wyeth, Andrew N. Letter from Wyeth to Pres. Hanson declining an invitation to receive an honorary degree from Gettysburg College. 29 March 1970. ALS-2pp. VFM-167

Zimmerman, Jeremiah. Artistic Papyrus from Syracuse, Sicily that he procured on his 28 month trip around the world. Illus. 1p. VFM-202