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Special Collections - Art Sources: Physical Resources

Manuscript Collections

A Manuscript Collection is a grouping of materials which focuses on an individual, group of people, or organization. Materials can include letters, diaries, photographs, scrapbooks, and other memorabilia. Processed Manuscripts are stored in Special Collection's closed stacks and can be requested at the Reference Desk in our Reading Room.

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Japanese woodblock print from MS-004: Papers of Frank H. Kramer, Class of 1914


Select Manuscript Collections pertaining to Art include:

  • Papers of Frank H. Kramer, Class of 1914. MS-004
    • Consult Series IV concerning Oriental Art. This collection contains materials that Kramer used in his courses: lesson plans, lecture notes, class rosters, appraisals/descriptions of the art, exhibit/auction catalogues, photographs and Japanese block prints, correspondence, and a copy of a textbook that Kramer wrote on Oriental Art.


  • The Papers of Richard A. Arms. MS-037
    • Collection consists of plays dating to the 19th Century; playbills from Broadway shows, many of them from original productions; and promptbooks of shows produced in the 1970s by the Players Repertory Theatre of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Vertical File Manuscript Collections

Vertical File Manuscripts are single folder collections ranging from one page to 50 pages. 

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Select Vertical File Manuscripts pertaining to Art include:

  • Ambassadors in Song: Gettysburg College Choir. VFM-174
    • Compilation of documents relating to the GCC World Concert tour of 1967. 


  • Arms, Richard A. VFM-8. 
    • Four manuscripts of original plays by Arms. Two hardbound, handwritten, signed notebooks of I Want to Know and one typed copy belonging to Louise D. Bream. Also includes manuscript ...And Stardust. 1920. 


  • Crapster, Walter. VFM-36
    • Five two-sided parchments containing ink and color depictions of ten different Bible stories.


  • Goethe Album. Album with leather covers showing 2 scenes from the park in Weimar. A New Year gift to Caroline, Countess of Egloffstein, from Goethe. Album contains an inscription showing that he presented the gift 1 Jan 1828. Also includes two poems and a lock of Goethe's hair. MS-51pp. VFM-62


  • McPherson, Abigail. VFM-99
    • First page of "Floras Dictionary."


  • Rollin, Kirby. VFM-239
    • Reproductions of cartoons from the New York World in early 1918. 


  • Schmucker Art Gallery and Department of Visual Arts Lecture. VFM-316 (Oversize)
    • Poster for the lecture A Hidden Picasso, An Exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao by Will Shank, Artist Conservator and Independent Curator, 3 Nov. 2005. Poster is autographed by Will Shank.


  • Theatre Arts Department. VFM-154 (Oversize) 
    •  Costume sketches for Gettysburg College theatre department productions.


  • Zimmerman, Jeremiah. VFM-202
    • Artistic Papyrus from Syracuse, Sicily that he procured on his 28 month trip around the world.

Subject Vertical Files

Researchers in Art might want to consult the following Subject Vertical Files:

  • Art Department
  • Mercury
  • Music Department
  • Films-- American Film Festival/Foreign Film Series
  • Owl and Nightingale Miscellaneous/Programs/Scripts
  • Poetry
  • Sunderman, F. William -- Chamber Music Concert Series

This is not an exhaustive list. Consult the college archivist for assistance or additional suggestions.