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GettDigital is an online portal to the digital collections created by Special Collections & College Archives and offered through CONTENTdm. These digital primary sources include a wide variety of material types and subjects including College Photographsthe Civil War EraWorld War IWorld War IIthe Vietnam WarEisenhower, and rare book bindings. As of 2022, we offer 38 GettDigital Collections with over 75,000 digital learning objects.

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GettDigital features art throughout various collections. Two collections that focus specifically on art are

Asian Art Collection and Imaginary Artists by Leonard Baskin


Asian Art

Over 800 pieces of art collected primarily from China, but also featuring work from Japan, Korea, India, Java, and Central Asia. This digital collection displays art from the larger Asian Art collection of over 2,000 items including ceramics, ivory, jade, wood, textiles, glass, horn, semi-precious stones, lacquer, porcelain, metal, paper, bamboo, and cloisonne. Pieces in the collection date from the Shang dynasty (1700-1027 B.C.E.) to the Qing dynasty (1644-1911 A.D.). The basis for the Asian Art collection came from alumnus and faculty member Dr. Frank Kramer. 

Okimono ivory carving of the famous Japanese monk Shuho Myocho

Imaginary Artists by Leonard Baskin

Leonard Baskin (1922-2000) was an American sculptor, illustrator, and printmaker. He is perhaps best known as a figurative sculptor whose moving works, such as The Altar at the Jewish Museum of New York, have an archaic Expressionist style. The Gehenna Press, Baskin’s private press, operated for over 50 years (1942-2000) and produced more than 100 volumes of fine art books. His graphic work has illustrated an enormous variety of storytelling, such as the writings of children’s book authors, William Blake, Euripides, and Ted Hughes. Baskin was awarded a prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship in 1953 and the Jewish Cultural Achievement Award in 1994, among many other honors during his lifetime. 

Imaginary Artists, a collection of 25 watercolor sketches, was completed in 1976 as a gift for Baskin’s friend, the distinguished Philadelphia lawyer Edwin Rome, and his wife, Rita.

Leaf 07 - Olav Hashalom, Mid-Western American realist


Artstor Digital Library provides students and faculty with over 1.8 million digital images from a plethora of institutions, including museums, photo archives, libraries, and artists' estates. Explore the College's art collection through our Institutional Collections, available on the Artstor main page, as well as our open access Shared Shelf Commons Map Collection. You can use the image viewer and various tools to save searches and create your own set of images for a project or paper. Please contact a Research & Instruction Librarian for help with understanding copyright restrictions and usage of these images. 

GettOpen Collection

Gettysburg College Art Collection

Gettysburg College Andy Warhol Polaroids and Prints Collection

Neil Beach Biology Slide Collection

Stuckenberg Map Collection


Detail from a 1696 world map (G3200 1696)