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Special Collections - Art Sources: Asian Art Collection

About the Asian Art Collection at Gettysburg College

Donations from faculty, alumni, and friends over many years have built an extensive collection of Asian art at Gettysburg, including ceramics, jewelry, sculpture, religious iconography, figurines, books, and other items reflecting various periods and traditions of Asia's past. The collection is far-ranging, including everything from Mahayana Buddhas and Qing vases to a ceremonial axe blade and an archer's thumb ring, with works in jade, ivory, porcelain, metal, textiles, paper, and other materials. In all there are more than 2,000 items, about half of which have been included in our GettDigital Asian Art Collection.

The largest gift to the collection came from Dr. Frank H. Kramer (1886-1963), a 1914 Gettysburg graduate and a faculty member from 1920 to 1956. Other donors include Judith and Arthur Hart Burling, Akiko Bowers (in memory of John Z. Bowers, Class of 1933), The Rev. Glenn H. Bowersox (Class of 1942), Esther Cessna, Chao Ming Chen, Harold C. Cooper (Class of 1963), Mr. and Mrs. Chester North Frazier, Paul L. Frey (Class of 1936), Major John H. Hampshire, Edith Keely, Georgeanna Knisely (Class of 1954), James Shin Matsushita (Class of 1923), Dr. and Mrs. Frank W. Parker, William H. (Class of 1916) and Lillian Patrick, Price Rogers, Timothy Schmitt (Class of 1963),Mrs. George H. Schwartz, The Rev. and Mrs. Malcolm Shutters (Classes of 1936 & 1939), General C. A. Willoughby (Class of 1914), Chan Wing, and Dr. Jeremiah Zimmerman.


Asian Art
A digital archive showcasing half of the College's 2,000-item collection of Asian art, which includes ceramics, jewelry, jade, and other artifacts.


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GettDigital Collections

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