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Special Collections - World War II Sources: Digital Collections


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GettDigital is an online portal to the digital collections created by Special Collections & College Archives and offered through CONTENTdm. These digital primary sources include a wide variety of material types and subjects including College Photographsthe Civil War EraWorld War IWorld War IIthe Vietnam WarEisenhower, and rare book bindings. As of 2021, we offer 38 GettDigital Collections with over 75,000 digital learning objects.

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World War II Collection

This collection of World War II posters, photographs, letters, and ephemera features highlights from Special Collections at Gettysburg College, and is meant to exhibit both the bold patriotism and sobering realities faced by soldiers and civilians during this period. The dynamism of political forces are evident in poster design and illustration, while items like the draft notice for 27 Gettysburg College students brings the viewer closer to an experience of the everyday. 

World War II poster titled "Be with him at every mail call."

Be With Him At Every Mail Call (1945)

World War II - Albert Chance Papers

A digital collection of the World War II Archive of Albert Chance who served in North Africa and Italy with the 360th AAA Searchlight Battalion. This collection contains the over 300 photographs taken by Chance which present a picture of the European theater from the perspective of a soldier; his journal chronicles his wartime experience from his boarding of the Kungsholm on March 2, 1943 to his Honorable Discharge at Fort Dix, NJ on September 15, 1945; and his scrapbook displays the many documents that he saved and letters, often in the form of V-mail, that he sent home during the course of his service.

Picture from the World War Two Albert Chance Collection titled "Florence - 'Arno River Ferry'"

Florence - Arno River Ferry (1945)