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Special Collections - World War II Sources: Holocaust Resources


Special Collections houses a variety of primary and secondary sources relating to the Holocaust. These sources provide valuable insight into the experiences of a wide range of communities living across Nazi occupied Europe.


Vertical File Manuscript Collections

MS-164: United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA)

1-3: Pamphlet explaining UNRRA: 1944.

1-17: Map of 1,048,250 displaced persons in Europe: 1946 (located in oversize box)

1-25: Dachau concentration camp photo album.

MS-228: Veis Family Letters 

Series II, Folder 6 :  Documents pertaining to the attempted removal of the Veis Family from a Nazi concentration camp in France. 

MS-277: World War II Ephemera

1-1: Paris Liberé (Free Paris) Collection – 20 photos from the Liberation of France

1-2: 50 Pfennig – SA Currency from the Oranienburg Concentration Camp (1933-1934)

Oversize manuscript drawer: French Resistance Armband


MS-293: Gillilan Family Letters

1-9: Letters written by Lois Gillilan (from her time studying medicine in Amsterdam in 1939)

MS-XXX: Sgt. Burdette J. Marker Papers

Sgt. Burdette J. Marker was present during the liberation of concentration camps in 1945 as well as the Nuremberg Trials of 1946. This collections contains photographs, newspapers, and other printed materials.

Manuscript Collections

VFM-284: Albert Hobor's World War II Photos of a Massacre in Europe

VFM-352: Donald Hayne's World War II Documents

"Tale of a City" (Booklet from the office of war information on the siege and occupation of Warsaw.)