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Sociology: Websites

Citing Online Resources in ASA


Lastname, Firstname MI OR Organization. Year. "Title of Content." City, State: Website Name. Retrieved Month Day, Year (Full URL). 

Example 1: Tiwari, Tamanna et al. 2014. "Recruitment for Health Disparities Preventive Intervention Trials: The Early Childhood Caries Collaborating Centers." Atlanta, GA: Center for Disease Control. Retrieved August 11, 2014 (

Example 2: American Sociological Association. 2006. "Status Committees." Washington, DC: American Sociological Association. Retrieved July 11, 2010 ( 



Lastname, Firstname MI. Year. "Title of Content." Name of Blog. Retrieved Month Day, Year (Full URL). 

ExamplePurgus, Claire P. 2014. "Lighting the Dark & Crooked Road: Tools for Youth Who Want to Stop Slavery." Fem 2.0 Blog. Retrieved August 11, 2014 ( 


Social Media

ASA recommends including social media reference information in a footnote, rather than the full reference list. 

Lastname, Firstname MI OR Organization and medium, accessed Month Day, Year, URL.

Footnote exampleAmerican Sociological Association's Facebook page, accessed June 6, 2014,