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Special Collections - American History Sources: Early Republic

New Nation Resources

New Nation Resources - Books


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Primary Sources

A sampling of books found in Special Collections that can be used as primary sources

New Nation Resources - Manuscript Collections


Vertical File Manuscripts

Vertical File Manuscripts are single folder collections ranging from one page to 50 pages. 

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Select VFMs pertaining to the New Nation include:

  • Everett, Edward. VFM-45
    • Letter from Everett to J.G. Stetson. 15 Dec 1852.


  • Hopkinson, Joseph. VFM-073
    • Letter from Hopkinson dated 14 Oct. 1838.


  • Johnson, Martin. VFM-81
    • Certificate of U.S. citizenship issued by the Superior Court of the City of New York. 20 February 1854.


  • National Police Gazette. VFM-330
    • Several bound issues of the National Police Gazette from 20 June 1846 - 12 Dec. 1846. Also contains several pages from the Journal of the American Temperance Union, the Oct. 1848 issue of Pittsburgh Monthly Museum, and the 1 Nov. 1846 issue of The London World of Fashion.


  • Whitney, Eli. VFM-165
    • Photocopies and transcriptions of correspondence letters between Whitney and Washington, Madison, Randolph, and Jefferson. 1793-1794.