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Special Collections - Gettysburg College History: Select Manuscripts: College Documents

Select Manuscript and Vertical File Manuscript Collections

Alumni Association Minutes. A manuscript containing the constitution, minutes, and members of the Alumni Association, 1835-1903. MS-135pp. VFM-4

Alumni Association Obituary Committee. Reports on the deaths of 12 individuals and their information. 7 June 1911. MS-13pp. VFM-4(a)

Alumni Association of Baltimore. Collection of materials from the Baltimore Alumni Club, including correspondence, meeting minutes, treasurer's reports, invitations and programs, 1945 - 1952. MS-137pp. VFM-317

Alumni Association Treasurer's Records. Book containing records of dues paid and by whom; several loose checks and receipts from the association. 1842-1912. MS-84 bound and 22 loose pages. VFM-5

Alumni Professorship. Minutes and documents describing the alumni professorship and controversy surrounding it. 1858-1902. MS-125+ pp. VFM-6

Athenaeum Society. Two treasurer's books from 1839-1853 and 1851-1852. AMs. VFM-9

Bible Society of Theological Seminary and Pennsylvania College. Treasurer's book from 1850-1859. MS-64pp. VFM-16

Bikle, Philip M. "Lutheran Quarterly" subscription accounts. One ledger, beginning in 1880 containing subscriptions and payments. MS-489pp. VFM-18

Building Committee - Pennsylvania Hall. Several correspondences and estimates regarding the attainment of land and the building of College Edifice. 1835 - 1843. MS-53pp. VFM-26

Building Committee- Steven's Hall and Professor's Residence. Correspondences, proposals, and estimates for the building and land of Steven's Hall. 1865-1869. MS-23pp. VFM-27

Building Committee- White House. Several reports from the Board of Trustees on the status of the house of the president. 1859-1861. MS-5pp. VFM-28

Charter and Amendments. Six amendments to the charter of Gettysburg College. All original, legal documents. 1867-1964. TDS-54pp. VFM-30

Education Programs. Competency study for Teacher-Education programs. Breaks down the curriculum into necessary skills and how to test for them. Made specifically for Gettysburg College. 25 May 1972. D-124pp. VFM-181

Executive Committee. Minutes for the Board of Trustees of PA College 1874-1876. AMsS-7pp. VFM-46

Faculty Reports to the Board of Trustees. Reports on the condition of the college from the faculty. 1834-1879. AMs-198pp. VFM-47

Fay, Christopher and Herman (Ted) Collier IV. Class of 2005. Political Science papers prepared for the Pennsylvania Political Science Association Annual Meeting on April 1-2, 2005. Papers written on the topic "Theory Illuminates Practice: American Political Thought and American Political Behavior." MS-42pp. VFM-283

Finance Committee. Reports, receipts, and expenditures from the finance committee of Gettysburg College. 1867-1871 and 1876-1878. AD-15pp. VFM-48

Freed, Edwin D. Detailed list of expenses from his years at Gettysburg College broken down by class year. 11 Sept 1939 - 21 April 1943. MS-23pp. VFM-185

Fryling, Robert H. The Robert H. Fryling papers consist of material related to his professional association with Gettysburg College, and include a wide variety of subjects and interests, in areas of student life and school governance. MS-099

Gerhardt, L.D. Register of visitors to the observatory of PA College 1882-1916. Also contains treasurer's records. MS-384. VFM-56

Gettysburg College - Endowment Fund. Receipt for payment of Alumni Professorship gift. 2 July 1878. D-1p. VFM-57

Gettysburg College - Misc. business 1840-1870. Numerous papers from the college including receipts, bills, invitations, and commencement rosters. D-40+ pp. VFM-58

Gettysburg College- Misc. Business 1880-1890's. Many documents including: final examinations, loan documents, several correspondences with the New England Loan and Trust Company, and several with college professors. DS-92+ pp. VFM-59

Gettysburg College - Misc. finances ca.1912. Letter requesting financial support for the College on Pennsylvania College letterhead. TL-1p. VFM-215

Glatfelter Hall - Proposal for Renovations, February 26, 1929. Letter to President Henry W. A. Hanson dated February 26, 1929. Proposal for the renovations to Glatfelter hall from J.A. Dempwolf. Estimated cost sheet for alterations and additions to Glatfelter hall by John B. Hamme. TLS-8pp. VFM-303

Granville, W.A. President of Gettysburg College. Card pertaining to the proposition of changing the name of the college from Pennsylvania College to Gettysburg College. November 14, 1921. VFM-369

Gymnasium - Record Book. Bound book containing gymnasium records from 1829-1851. MS-86+pp. VFM-65

House Rules. Office of the Dean of Women, ca. 1954. Official notice, presumably attached to a bulletin board. D-1p. VFM-262

Junior Examination in Latin. Pennsylvania College, May 12, 1888, 8-10 a.m. Eight copies of an examination covering Juvenal's fifth and tenth satires, broken into four parts. Questions ask to translate passages or write short answers pertaining to the two different works of literature. D-8pp. VFM-324

Junior Exhibition.  Printed programs from the Junior Exhibitions held at Pennsylvania College at Gettysburg on a regular basis from 1851 through 1889 and leaflets from the Junior Oratorical Contests which replaced it in the early 1890s.  Beginning in 1851, all juniors were required to deliver public orations during these junior exhibition events.  The earlier programs occurred in April, but in 1857, the exhibition was moved into the Commencement schedule.  The programs in the collection list the student participants and the oration topics.  The topics ranged from historic events and personalities to issues of religion, politics, economics, literature, the arts, social concerns and in a few cases a philosophy of life.  With larger class enrollments, management of the requirement became difficult.  As a result, the exhibition was replaced with a voluntary Junior Oratorical Contest which lasted into the early years of the 20th Century.  The last leaflet in the collection is from the 1908 contest. D-104pp. VFM- 374

McCreary Gymnasium Association. Constitution of the Association founded 16 Oct 1872. Includes By-Laws, Constitution, and Amendments. DS-20+ pp. VFM-97

Myers, W.H. Class of 1959. Report Card. MS-1p. VFM-278

Pennsylvania College Aid Association. Constitution, Roll, Minutes, and Treasury statements from the association, bound in one book. 1905-1924. AMs-152pp. VFM-113

Pennsylvania Hall Rededication. Minutes and activities of the Planning Committee for the rededication of Pennsylvania Hall on October 24, 1970 after a major construction project to restore the building to be used as an administrative center for Gettysburg College; 69pp. VFM-379 [For more information see: MS - 119 Glatfelter Collection of Pennsylvania Hall Research]

Permanent Scholarships. Eight permanent scholarships to students presented by PA College 1853-1861. Also 4 receipts for people who purchased scholarships in the school. DS-12pp. VFM-114

Philomathaean and Phrenakosmian Societies Anniversary Celebrations and Literary Contests. Leaflets listing the speakers and music for the 11th (1842), 13th (1844), and 14th (1845) Anniversary Celebration of the Philomathaean Society; for the 10th (1841), 11th (1842), and 13th (1844) Anniversary Celebration of the Phrenakosmian Society; and for three Literary Contests between the two societies (1843 and two not dated).  Literary societies played an important role in 19th Century college life at Pennsylvania College at Gettysburg.  D-9pp. VFM - 375. [For more information about the societies and more examples of celebration and contest programs see MS - 006 Papers of the Philomathaean and Phrenakosmian Societies.  To review the leaflet for the 18th anniversary celebration of the Philomathaean Society see VFM-366].

Philomathaen Society. 18th Anniversary celebration leaflet. Order of exercises for February 14, 1849. Lists speakers and music. Photo copy of the inserts. Inserts list the catalogue of the officers and students in Pennsylvania College (Gettysburg College). VFM-366

President's Report. President Valentine's report on the condition of the college. 25 June 1873. ALS-9pp. VFM-118

Radio Club. Constitution, Members, By-laws, minutes, financial accounts, and dues recorded for the Radio Club of Gettysburg College. 1925-1928. MS-300pp. VFM-119

Reagan, Ronald and Fred F. Fielding. Letter from Ronald Reagan and Fred F. Fielding (counsel to the president) to Gettysburg College in honor of its 150th birthday celebration. TLS-2pp. VFM-301

Record of Absences from Prayers. Three books containing alphabetical listings of students and their required morning prayers at Gettysburg College. 1854-1862. 1865-1874. 1877-1886. MS-428pp. VFM-120

Repair Committee. Documents and reports attesting to repairs made to college buildings and estimates for costs of future improvements. AMs-6pp. VFM-121

Sanders, Charles F. Professor of Philosophy. Gettysburg College Orientation Syllabus for 1935-1936. Extensive list of topics from reading to philosophical discussions. MS-55pp. VFM-286

Schmucker Art Gallery and Department of Visual Arts Lecture. Poster for the lecture A Hidden Picasso, An Exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao by Will Shank, Artist Conservator and Independent Curator, 3 November 2005. Poster is autographed by Will Shank. 1p. VFM-316 (oversized)

Scientific Department. Several documents showing the financial and educational status of the Science Department of PA College. 1865-1872. ADS-3pp. VFM-127

Shirk, D.C. Class of 1927. Tuition payment receipts for 1922-1925. MS-6pp. VFM-279

“South Pacific.” 1962 production put on by Gettysburg College. Directed by Peter French. Poster. Copy of article in Gettysburgian, giving a synopsis of the play, and actor recognition. VFM-351

Staff Employee Classification System. Two booklets and memos informing the faculty of an employee classification system, as developed in 1980. D-32pp. VFM-138

Standing Resolutions for the Faculty. Book containing resolutions adopted by the faculty of PA College in 1875. D-94pp. VFM-139

Stemen, John Roger. Letters from Stephen Warner, Class of 1968. 11 Aug 1969 - 12 Oct 1970. TLS-11pp. Also includes publications by the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors (of the Vietnam War). VFM-208

Sternat, Theodore M. Class of 1934. Manuscript for "Laboratory of Physical Chemistry" written by professor of Chemistry, Charles A. Sloat. Written in August 1930. Includes experiments, graphs, data, notes, and equations. MS-89pp. VFM-287

Student Conduct Pledge. Signatures of PA College Students from 1833-1848 who agree to follow the pledge. Also includes a final exam schedule for 1832 and 1833. DS-18pp. VFM-146

Theatre Arts Department. Costume Sketches for Gettysburg College theatre department productions. Ills-1pp. VFM-318 (oversized)

Thornburgh, Dick. Letter to Gettysburg College from Governor Dick Thornburgh 1982 celebrating the College's 150th birthday. TLS-1p. VFM-300

Trautwine, John Cresson. Architect of "Old Dorm." at Gettysburg College. Collection includes several pieces of correspondence, drawings, articles, and photographs. VFM-156

Warner Committee Papers. The committee, formed largely through Professor John Roger Stemen's efforts in 1972, intended to encourage a spirit of debate and intellectualism within the Gettysburg College community. Includes materials on the "Warner Forum," which were panel talks that addressed popular issues, as well as renovation proposals to the College Union Building. Correspondence also comprises this small collection: 8 June 1972 - 18 Apr 1978. TLS-24pp. MS-052

Weidensall floor plans. Plans drawn up by David Lynch & Associates, Architects. MS-7pp. Location: College History VFM-231

Witherow, Lester Stuart.  Grade card sent to the parents of L.S. Witherow reporting his grades for his first semester junior year in 1912.  An explanation of the grading system is provided on the reverse side.  The card is signed by Clyde B. Stover, Registrar.  In addition to the grades, the card reports the number of excused and unexcused absences from class, church, and chapel.  After graduating from the College in 1914, Witherow taught school 1914-1917, served in the U.S. Army during 1917-1918, completed the program for the M.D. in 1923 at the University of Pennsylvania, and practiced medicine in Harrisburg, PA. C 1p. VFM-393

Zweizig, Benjamin D.  Two grade reports for Benjamin D. Zweizig showing his academic performance in course work in the Preparatory Department and during his freshman year at Pennsylvania College.  The Preparatory Department report is dated April 1851 and signed by M.L. Stoever, Principal of the Preparatory Department.  The Pennsylvania College report is dated April 21, 1853 and signed by H.L. Baugher, President of the College.  Zweizig earned his B.A. degree with the class of 1856; taught school while studying theology privately; and served as a Lutheran clergyman in the Reading, PA area 1859-1903. D 2pp. VFM-394