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Special Collections - Gettysburg College History: Manuscript Collections

Manuscript Collections

Manuscript Collections

A Manuscript Collection is a grouping of materials that focuses on an individual, group of people, or organization. Materials can include letters, diaries, photographs, scrapbooks, and other memorabilia. Processed Manuscripts are stored in Special Collection's closed stacks and can be requested at the Reference Desk in our Reading Room. Below is a sample of some of our manuscript collections relating to Gettysburg College History. You can also browse the complete listing of Finding Aids for Manuscript Collections.


Albert, Luther E. Bound scratch book of Mathematics from PA College student, Luther Albert, 1847. MS- 77 pages, VFM-2

Alpha Kappa Alpha. Honorary Fraternity in Philosophy. Collection includes correspondence written between 1934-35, copies of the organization's constitution, initiation procedures, minute books, and record cards. Unprocessed collection.

Alpha Psi Epsilon. Bound and loose rosters, articles, and minutes from 1928-1934. MS-139 pages. VFM-3

Alumni Association of Baltimore.  Collection of materials from the Baltimore Alumni Club, including correspondence, meeting minutes, treasurers reports, invitations and programs, 1945 – 1952.  MS-137pp.  VFM-317

Alumni Association of PA. Three editions of the circular of the Alumni Association of PA College. 1859. MS-3pp. VFM-173.

Ambassadors in Song: Gettysburg College Choir. Compilation of documents relating to the GCC World Concert tour of 1967. MS-68pp. VFM-174.

Anderson, Sherwood. Letter from Anderson declining an invitation to speak to the author's club. 20 Oct 1923. ALS-1pp. VFM-7.

Arms, Richard A. Four manuscript-collections of original plays by Arms. Two hardbound, handwritten, signed notebooks of I Want to Know and one typed copy belonging to Louise D. Bream. Also includes the manuscript ...And Stardust. 1920. 2 MS, 1 AMsS. VFM-8.

Arms, Richard A., Papers. Professor of Mathematics and Theatre Arts. MS-037

Baker, Charles W. See also: Granville, W.A. Letter to Dr. Bikle from Baker regarding the inappropriateness of a play that he saw on campus. TLS-1pp. VFM-10.

Baky, Sherrin Hilllburt (class of '65). Letter from Merle Miller regarding Women's Student Government Association. ca. 1961. TLS-1pg. VFM-257

Bare, Bruce M. Class of 1910. College memorabilia including transcript and senior banquet program. (14 items). VFM-211

Barnitz, David Grier. Three letters from Barnitz, valedictorian of PA College class of 1834, written to his family describing college life, and the first commencement of the college. 11 March 1834, 21 June 1834, and 29 Sept. 1834. ALS-6pp. VFM-11.

Barnitz, Frederick A. A poem to Miss Catherine Kast, from Barnitz Class of 1842. 17 Sept. 1838. MsS-1pp. VFM-12.

Baseball Club: Scorebook. Official scorebook of the PA College baseball club 1887-1889. Includes rosters, positions, and detailed accounts of games. MS- 38pp. VFM-13.

The Baugher Family Papers. Henry Louis Baugher was the second president of Gettysburg (Pennsylvania) College. MS-034

Beachem, Charles W. Letter from "Mr. B" to Cedric Spence, Jr. 7 April 1932. ALS- 1pp. VFM-175.

Bevan, Roberto Florio. Two letters regarding Bevan's withdrawal from Pennsylvania College due to his relocation to Malaga, Spain. The Board of Trustees awarded him an honorary MA on 4 June 1897. ALS-2pp. VFM-15.

Bikle, Henry and Paul. 12 ½" x 7" advertisement seeking a lost fantail pigeon, located on the college campus. MS-1pp. VFM-176.

The Papers of Philip M. Biklé and Family. The papers of Philip Biklé consist of mostly personal correspondence between Biklé and Emma, and the correspondence of Emma and their children. Also included are class notes from Biklé's years as a student, and account books from the Lutheran Quarterly and Pennsylvania College Monthly. This collection does not include any information on Biklé's publications, the classes he taught, or his work as a professor and dean. MS-070

Bikle, Philip M. 2 letters to Dr. Bikle from William Granville describing his concern about an inappropriate performance to be taken on the road, representing Gettysburg. 16 Feb 1913 and 18 Feb 1913. ALS-8pp. VFM-17.

Bikle, Philip Raymond. Two essays entitled, "Considerations for and Against the Marking System in College." And "Our Visions of the Future." ADS-11pp. VFM-19.

Birkner, Michael J., Class of 1972. Papers. Unprocessed collection.

Blythe, Ezra and Calvin Blyth.  Six letters written by Ezra Blythe and Calvin Blythe, 1830-1841.  Includes transcription of the letters.  The January 26, 1833 letter mentions appropriate bill passed for Pennsylvania College.  ALS-12pp. VFM-306.

Board of Trustees Correspondence. 1832-1881. The collection includes discussion about the charter for the college, letters of application and resignation of faculty, letters of recommendation for faculty, solicitations for subscriptions for the library fund, committee reports, faculty resolutions, circulars, fire insurance applications for various buildings, letters about monies sent for scholarships, bills and lists of expenses, student petitions to faculty, letters of apology to faculty by students, requests from the Base Ball Club to attend base ball games, regulations for the use of gas by students, curfew petition of 1838 and a book containing copies of President Milton Valentine's letters, 1872-1880. 3 boxes. Unprocessed collection.

Bream, Henry T. Papers. A Gettysburg resident and College Alumni, Henry Bream was active in both community organizations and college athletics after graduation MS-064.

Breidenbaugh, Edward S. A prepared debate before the Philomathean Society of PA College. 29 Nov 1865. AMsS-14pp. VFM-178.

Brumbaugh, Martin Grove. Letter from Brumbaugh to the Philomathean Society of PA College regarding his honorary membership. TLS-1pp. VFM-22.

Buchanan, James E. Letter from Buchanan politely declining an invitation to speak at the Phrenakosmian society of PA College. 31 June 1842. ALS-1pp. VFM-24.

Buck, Pearl S. Two letters, one to Frank Kramer regarding her recent publications 22 Aug 1956. The other, a response to Henry Hanson about giving a lecture. 1 Dec 1950. TLS-2pp. VFM-25.

Centennial-Gettysburg College. Includes correspondence written by Dr. Frank Kramer concerning the celebration, as well as miscellaneous letters and certificates. Unprocessed collection.

Chamberlain, Joshua L. An original letter to Buehler from Chamberlain accepting and thanking him for the honorary degree from PA College. Also included are copies of correspondences between the men from the Pejepscot Historical Society in Brunswick, ME. ALS-4pp. VFM-29.

Chapel Excuse form. Arlene Sholly Zellers, dated November 30. ca. 1954. DS-1pg. VFM-259

Class of 1869.  Recording secretary book of the organization of the class of 1869.  Minutes of all meetings held from 1966 to May of 1869.  Also includes wives and children of the students after graduation.  MS-23pp.  VFM-321.

College Monthly. Postcard addessed to CVA Levy d. Feb. 7th, 1893 discussing the publication's future. MS-2pp. VFM-236.

College Seal. Six color and six Black & White representations of the college seal. Various sizes. LS-12. VFM-32.

Company A, 26th Pennsylvania. Articles and essays written about the College Company in the Pennsylvania Militia, and other accounts of the Battle of Gettysburg. 8 MS items. CWVFM-119.

Cooper, Thomas Yost. Three photocopies of articles regarding the donation of the Cooper Collection to Musselman Library. "Rare Books Presented to Gettysburg College." Hanover Sun, Oct. 20, 1965. "Asian Studies and the Liberal Arts: The Cooper Collection." Gettysburg College Bulletin, January 1966. "What Rare Book? The Cooper Collection" Gettysburg College Bulletin, January 1966. 3 D, 10 pgs. VFM-241.

Davis, James J. Letter from Senator Davis of PA, to president Hanson discussing possible topics for his Commencement address. TLS-1pp. VFM-37.

Druids- Phi Sigma Kappa. Minutes from Druid meetings 1910-1914, and loose reports from Phi Sigma Kappa, an organization that came from the Druids in 1925. MS-104pp. VFM-180.

Ealy, Henry Ferdinand.  Non-graduate of Class of 1849.  Attended 1845-49.  Graduated from the Seminary in 1854.  Verbatim lecture notes from Dr. Schmucker’s Lectures.  Lived 1824-1862.  Ms-95pp.  VFM-308

Eckert, Harold E. Invitation to Commencement 1935. Letter requesting his friends and family come. Name card. Ls. -1p. Location: College HistoryVFM-343

Eichelberger, John M. Photocopy of a letter to A.S. Miller while at PA College. Gives a very insightful and candid look at student life. 7 Dec 1848. MS- 5pp. VFM-182.

Ellington, Duke - Dance Card. Dance card signed by Duke Ellington from the 1949 “all-college” dance at Gettysburg College with guest performers Duke Ellington and his Orchestra and Howard Gale and his Orchestra. Sig. VFM-294

Emanuel, Edward "Snaps". Gettysburg College football 1923 scrapbook/binder in Memory of Edward "Snaps" Emanuel. Newspaper clippings and photos. MS-6pp. VFM-268.

"Ethical History of Gettysburg College." A research paper by John Schmittle. 20 April 2000. MS-8pp. VFM-184.

Ford, Gerald R. Letter between the Ad Hoc Student Presidential Search Committee and Pres. Ford about his possible Presidency at Gettysburg College. 13 Dec 1976. TLS-1pp. VFM-52.

Forness, Norman. Spring Honors Day program (22 May 2004) and invitation letter (22 April 2004). MS-7pgs. VFM-230

Fortenbaugh, Dr. Robert, Gettysburg College. "American Lutheran Synods and Slavery," Missions-Taube Mai 1933, Nr. 5, p. 80, review on Fortenbaugh's article. MS-80 pp. Location: College History VFM-213

Fortenbaugh, Robert. Papers, Professor of History (1929-1953). 3 boxes. Unprocessed collection.

Foutz, Herbert.  Class of 1941.  One Holy Bible, S.S. Scholars’ Help given to Herbert on Christmas in 1931 as a gift from his parents.  Various bible notes and news clippings within the Bible.  One Gettysburg College Athletic Council student ticket for the first term season of 1937-1938.  Four pages of German notes with two copies of Silent Night in the German language, one typed and one hand written.  One English Essay on Feudalism.  One page of diary entries from December 24, 1935 to January 6, 1936 during his winter break.  The January 3, 1936 entry mentions listening to President Roosevelt’s message to Congress on the state of the union.  6pp.  VFM-325.

Gallion, Robert. Class of 1946. February 5, 1943 draft note of 27 Gettysburg College students ordered into service during World War II. Original notification and envelope from War Department. Includes copy of an article about the document written by Library Director Robin Wagner for the Musselman Library Newsletter and correspondence from Dr. Michael Birkner and College Archivist Karen Dupell Drickamer. MS-6pp. VFM 271.

German Literary Society, Papers. Collection contains a notebook written in German, the society's constitution and ledger book, as well as the society's minutes from 1856-1860. MS-055.

German Society. Constitution and By-Laws, c. 1836.  Ms-28pp.  VFM-328

Gettysburg College Commencement Broadsides 1835 – 1852. Commencement Broadsides ranging from 1835 – 1852. Original copies. MS pp. 29 VFM-299

Gillispie, J.S. Professor at Pennsylvania College (Gettysburg College). Letter addressed to Professor Gillispie on June 23, 1855. Signed by 7 individuals 3 later fought in the Civil War. MS-2pp.. VFM-267.

Gilbert, D. Letter to Messrs Peters and Ruhl com, Springfield, Ohio d. Gettysburg July 27th 1846, regarding Gilbert's "Hon. Membership" in the Philosophian Society of Wittenburg College, ALS - 2 pp. Location: College History VFM-217

Glatfelter, Charles H. Papers, Professor of History and Dean of the College (1949-1989). The bulk of the collection deals with the history of Gettysburg College, including Glatfelter's subject and chronological notes that became the basis for A Salutary Influence: Gettysburg College, 1832-1985. Additionally, researchers will find the committee files and faculty papers to be particularly helpful in understanding the academic climate at Gettysburg College from the 1960s to the 1980s. MS-059.

Gladfelter, Millard E. Correspondences between Dr. Gladfelter and Charles Glatfelter regarding Glatfelter's book "Recollections" 21 Dec 1978. ALS-3 pp. VFM-61.

Glatfelter Hall – History Report, May 28, 1924 .  Report of Glatfelter Hall written by Martha E. Epley, Class of 1926.  AMsS-3pp.  VFM-313

Glatfelter Hall - Proposal for Renovations, February 26, 1929. Letter to President Henry W. A. Hanson dated February 26, 1929. Proposal for the renovations to Glatfelter hall from J.A. Dempwolf. Estimated cost sheet for alterations and additions to Glatfelter hall by John B. Hamme. TLS pp. 8 VFM-303

Gotwald, George Daniel. Two books of English History notes, from Gotwald Class of 1882. MS-50pp. VFM-63.

Granville, Rachel. Typed essay "Reminiscences of the Campus of PA College from and after 1858." Also included are two letters between Rachel and President Paul. ALS-9pp. VFM-64.

Gross, George Washington. Class of 1877. Autograph Book from 1877. VFM 274.

Gunt, Arthur. Lyrics to the Gettysburg College Hymn, written by Gunt. 6 July 1948. MS-3pp. VFM-186.

Hammarskjold, Dag. Telegram from Hammarskjold to Pres. Langsam on his Congratulations regarding the 10th Anniversary of the signing of the UN Charter. Also includes a program from Hammarskjold's memorial service at Gettysburg College. 29 Sept 1961. D-3pp. VFM-66.

Hamsher, Melvin R., Papers, Class of 1904. MS-017

Hangsterfer, Charles (Class of 1940). "Fox Green, Easy Red: The Gettysburg Connection"; article and letters regarding Hangsterfer's WWII experiences. ca. 2002, 7 DS-36 pgs. VFM-263

Hanson, Dr. Henry W. A. Two 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg Medals, b/w photographs from the 70th Anniversary of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, and several letters regarding the Anniversary event; among other documents. (28 items). Location: College History and Local History VFM-233

Hanson, Henry. 2 documents: "Mrs. W. A. Hanson" namecard and letter from Helen Keller regarding the American Foundation for the Blind d. December 20, 1930. TLS-1 p. VFM-216

Harkey, Simeon. Three letters from Harkey 1831-1840 describing daily life at the Gettysburg Gymnasium, Seminary, and his parish in MD. ALS-6pp. VFM-67.

Haupt, Anna Cecilia Keller. Transcription of Anna's Journal: 18 Dec 1842- 23 Dec 1843. From the Herman Haupt Papers MS No. 269. MS-52 pp. VFM-68.

Haupt, Herman. Letter accepting a position at PA College. VFM-69.

Hay, Charles Augustus. "Notes on Pastoral Theology." MS-32pp. VFM-70.

Hay, Charles. Letter to William Heilig from Hay, while at PA College. 16 March 1839. ALS-2pp. VFM-172.

Hay, George A.. Letter from George Hay Kain to George A. Hay (marked as copy) 10/21/49 and a typed excerpt from George A Kain to unknown person 10/17/49. Both letters discuss the Pennsylvania Medical College. VFM-264

Hedrick, David, Papers on the Stephen H. Warner Exhibit. Former Head of Special Collections, David Hedrick, created these papers during the planning and execution of the Stephen Warner Exhibit. MS-054

Henry, George C. Bound journals depicting student life at PA College 2 Sept 1874- 1 Sept 1875. Henry was Class of 1876. MS-60pp. VFM-71.

Himes, John A., Class of 1870. MS-035

Hoehn, Richard A. Printing master of Now We See Through A Glass Darkly - But We See: The Papers of J.H.W. and Mary Stuckenberg. Pennsylvania: Gettysburg, 1987. MS - 125 pp. Location: College History VFM-220

Holbrook, Hal. Letters dated 16 Feb 1976 and 22 May 1975 declining invitations to speak at Gettysburg College. TLS-2pp. VFM-72.

Hoover, David. Letter to J. W. Smith Esq., Attorney at Law d. Gettysburg June 7th 1834. Hoover attended Pennsylvania College 1832-1837. ALS - 2 pp. Location: College History VFM-219

Hoover, Herbert. Letters from Hoover dated 12 Dec 1931 and 14 April 1953. One to Pres. Hanson thanking him for the honorary degree from the college. TLS-2pp. VFM-74.

Howells, William Dean. Gracious letter from Howells to the Philomathean Society thanking them for their offer of membership. ALS-1pp. VFM-76.

Huber, Charles H., Papers, Class of 1892. MS-005

Hughes, Charles Evans. Letter to Pres. Hefelbower thanking him for the opportunity to speak to the students of Gettysburg College. 22 Jan 1908. TLS-1pp. VFM-77.

Inter-Fraternity Council and Pan-Hellenic Council. Collection consists of correspondence, official minutes and other organizational details reviewing the activities of the Interfraternity Council and Pan-Hellenic Council, the two student coordinating bodies for the fraternities and sororities at Gettysburg College.  While the material covers IFC and Pan-Hellenic activity from the mid 1930s to the mid 1980s, the most complete section is from the 1940s to 1960s. MS-090

Jacobs, Michael. Papers. Jacobs was a professor of mathematics, natural philosophy and chemistry. The collection includes a photograph of Jacobs, letters dealing with his book on the Battle of Gettysburg, Notes on the Rebel Invasion of Maryland and Pennsylvania: and the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 1863, account ledgers from J. B. Lippincott & Co., testimony of Hon. T. H. Burrows as to the accuracy of the book, chemistry lectures from 1840, and biographical information. 2 boxes. Unprocessed collection.

Jacobs, Michael. Professor of Chemistry. Book of Chemical Lectures. October 29, 1845 through January 15, 1846. Location: College History VFM-344

"Jesus Christ Superstar." 1971 production put on by Gettysburg College, directed by Lawrence R. Recla, Chaplain Intern. CD sound recording, advertisements, schedules, and several letters regarding the performance, among other documents, are included (copies). MS-46 pp. 33 colored and b/w photographs. Location: College History VFM-214

Jones, Marion M. Freshman Date Book for the fall of 1946. A handbook for freshman girls. Describing the ins and outs of life at Gettysburg College. Payment Notice.  Location: College HistoryVFM-345

Junior Examination in Latin.  Pennsylvania College, May 12, 1888, 8-10 a.m.  Eight copies of an examination covering Juvenal’s fifth and tenth satires, broken into four parts.  Questions ask to translate passages or write short answers pertaining to the two different works of literature.  D-8pp.  VFM-324.

Kain, Charles Hay. Papers, Class of 1897. Bulk of collection consists of correspondence with Marjorie Zug. Also included are letters to Zug from others, photographs, family records, and articles about Kain. 3 boxes. MS-062

Kappa Phi Kappa. Education Honorary Society. Bulk of the collection consists of materials from Mother's/Father's Day celebrations, 1947-1958. Also includes minutes and various publications. Unprocessed collection.

Keller, F.A. Muhlenburg. Book entitled "Swedish Lutherans" by Keller, Class of 1838. 2 Volumes. MS-2 vol. VFM-82.

Kennan, George. Letter to Basil L. Craptser, Institute for Advanced Study. 1 May 1964. TLS-1pg. VFM-254

Kissinger, Henry A. Letter from Kissinger to Pres. Hanson declining an invitation to come to campus to receive an honorary Doctor of law degree. TLS-1pp. VFM-86.

Knickerbocker, William S. Letter to Duncan Schmucker regarding an order of the Swanee Review. 23 Feb 1928. TLS- 1pp. VFM-89.

Koons, Rev. Robert W. Several Chapel Talks, including a Memorial Message in memory of John F. Kennedy. 5 MS items. Location: College History and American History VFM-221

Koons, Robert W., Papers, Class of 1943. MS-018

Kramer, Frank H. Letter to President Willard S. Paul October 25, 1956 from Frank H. Kramer regarding a photograph given to the college by Mrs. Luther Sachs, the mother of some former students. Letter to Mrs. Sachs from President Paul regarding same letter.  TLS pp.2 VFM-304

Kramer, Frank H., Papers, Class of 1914. Professor of Education and Oriental Art. MS-004

Kuhl, Conrad. Letter to Gesellschaft from Kuhl, Gesellschaft was at PA College at the time. 31 March 1847. ALS-1pp. VFM-90.

Latin Enrollment. Handwritten documents showing the Latin enrollments at PA College: 1851-1906. D-46pp. VFM-92.

"Life of Farmers in South Central Pennsylvania During World War II" Paper by David Worley for History 421. April 30, 2004. DS-43pgs. VFM-261

Linnaean Assocation Papers. Founded in June 1844 to aid "the advancement of science in Pennsylvania College, by fostering among its members a spirit of investigation, and a love for the works of God" (Constitution, 1844). MS-010

Loose, Dr. John. Copy of his April 16, 1969 Address titled "Student Power: A Point of View." MS-4pp. VFM-276.

Loveland, Franklin O. Papers of Gettysburg College Professor of Anthropology, 1972-1995. MS-002

Lutz, John. Original and transcription of Lutz's diary from 1 Jan 1858 to 31 Dec 1858. AMs-180+ pp. VFM-96.

Lybarger, Donald F. Collection consists of a disbound class memorial. Almost all letters are written from Gettysburg College students stationed in stateside military training camps between 1917 and 1919 and addressed to Lybarger or "Brothers of Phi Sigma." Phi Sigma was a local fraternity. A scrapbook kept by Lybarger while a student at Gettysburg between 1914-1919 includes photographs, programs, dance cards and other college memorabilia.Class of 1919. MS-019

Macfarlane, James.  Original and transcription of letter from Macfarlane describing the provenance of the book, The American first class book or, Exercises in reading and recitation; selected principally from modern authors of Great Britain and America; and designed for the use of the highest class in public and private schools by John Pierpont.  (See rare book PE1120 .P4 1829).  Book belonged James Macfarlane, Pennsylvania College, Class of 1837.  MS-2pp.  VFM-292

Marshall, Anne.  Class of 1957.  Three parent’s copies of Gettysburg College Grade Reports from January 29, 1954 and January 30, 1955.  Two Letters to parents dating September 14, 1953 and September 15.  One Eastern High School graduation card from parents dating June 1953.  One membership card and one invitation to join Beta Beta Beta dating March 31, 1955.  One certificate of participation in the Alpha Xi Delta building corporation dated December 9, 1957.  11pp.  VFM-323. 

Marshall, John K. Report Card. 1875 Report card for John K. Marshall, Class of 1876.  DS.  1p VFM-297

Martz, George J. Four letters to Mr. Martz, two of which were sent to him at PA College. ALS-8pp. VFM-101.

Matriculation Book. "I solemnly promise on my truth and honor to observe and obey all the laws, rules, and regulations of PA College..." 1845-1874. Signed 1332 names. DS-75pp. VFM-102.

McKnight, Harvey. Note to student and lyrics from the Republican State Committee. ANS-2pp. VFM-190.

McPherson, Edward. Notes taken from lectures on chemistry by Prof. McPherson, beginning on 24 Oct 1846. MS-250+ pp. VFM-98.

McTighe, Michael. Papers, Professor of Religion (1986-1993). 5 boxes. Unprocessed collection.

Medical School. Correspondences between PA College professors and medical school students. ALS-52 pp. VFM-103.

Mehring, Daniel E.L. Letter from Mehring to his parents dates 20 July 1852. Mehring, class of 1856, drowned in June 1856 just weeks before receiving his degree. MS-4pp.

Miller, Victor.  Class of 1858.  Transcript of Miller’s Journal dealing in part with his experiences at Pennsylvania (Gettysburg) College. Ms-16pp. VFM-312

Musselman Lecture Series. Programs for 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1989, and 1991 lectures. 3 copies of each year, 24 D-24 pages total. VFM-245.

Musselman Press. Issue #1, November 1984 (2 copies), The Musselman Processor, Winter 1957, and The Musselman Processor, Fall 1965. VFM-246.

Musselman Stadium Dedication. Newspaper articles, press releases, and articles regarding the stadium. Also includes notes, correspondence, and plans by Gettysburg College officials, as well as two tickets for a Sept. 25, 1965 Bucknell V. Gettysburg football game. VFM-247.

Myers, W. H. Class of 1959. Report Card. MS-1pp. VFM-278.

O'Neal, John Willy Crapster. Letters to his parents from Taneytown, MD. 25 Jan 1841. ALS-1pp. VFM-107.

Parr, Amos A. Class of 1887. Pennsylvania College Grade Report d. March 25, 1884. MS-2pp. VFM-238

Parr, Amos A. Pennsylvania College – Grade Reports. 25 March 1884 – 30 June 1887. DS-8pgs. VFM-33

Pen and Sword Society. The papers document the society committed to dedicated alumni between 1904 and 1943. MS-038

Pennell, Edred J. The Atlas Science Tablet for Written Work in Trigonometry, used by Pennell in class at Gettysburg College in 1909 with "Pop" Nixon. MS-140pp. VFM-112.

Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. Constitution (1878 revision of 1848 original) ca. 1878. MS-32pgs. VFM-108

Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. Collection contains a subscription book from 1898, correspondence written between 1901 and the 1970s (with gaps), and fraterity minutes, 1939-1975. Unprocessed collection.

Phi Kappa Psi. Collection contains correspondence from 1855-2004, annual reports from 1902-1962 with gaps, local publications, minute books, programming, and financial records. MS-092

Phi Sigma Kappa, Rho Deuteron Chapter. Correspondence spanning the 20th century, organizational materials, training manuals from the national office, copies of the Oak Leaf, copies of the Signet (alumni magazine), minutes and correspondence from the Parents’ Club, Mothers’ Club, IFC Council, and other committees. MS-087

Philomathaean and Phrenakosmian Societies, Papers. First literary societies at Gettysburg (Pennsylvania) College. MS-006

Radebaugh, John M. Class of 1844. An introductory letter written to Pennsylvania College in June of 1839. Transcription and letter. MS-6pgs. VFM 273.

Radical Pamphlets, 1965-1975. Consists of pamphlets on topics such as labor, women's rights, communism, ecology, racism, and poverty. Also features papers, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and pamphlets on the Peace Movement in the United States during the Vietnam War. MS-036

Ramer, Louise '29 Chi Omega Collection. Contains a number of different materials, including a scrapbook and photographs, newspaper clippings, letters, publications, and programs from both Tau Delta chapter and the national sorority. A majority of these materials are from the 1930’s and 1940’s, when Gamma Phi became Chi Omega.   MS-108.

Reagan, Ronald and Fred Fielding. Letter to Gettysburg College and Fred F. Fielding Letter. Letters from Ronald Reagan and Fred F. Fielding (counsel to the president) to Gettysburg College in honor of its 150th birthday celebration. TLS pp. 2 VFM-301

Rice, Ward B. S.  Grade report from the Preparatory Department, Pennsylvania College, 3 June 1903.  Grade report from Pennsylvania College, 18 December 1903.  Ward B. S. Rice graduated in the Class of 1907. D-3pp.  VFM-315

Riley, James Witcomb. Letter from Mr. Riley to Mr. Max Floto of the Philomathean Literary Society of PA College. 6 Nov. 1915. TL-2pp. VFM-122.

Rios, Marjorie.  Class of 1963.  13 letters, 13 envelopes, one postcard, and one music program sent to her parents during her sophomore year at Gettysburg College dating from September 17, 1960 to May 17, 1961.  The letter written on April 17, 1961 mentions the arrival of Eisenhower at Gettysburg.  ALS-17pp.  VFM-322.

Rood, Katherine Kressman Taylor. Playwright, author, and Gettysburg College professor (students included Jerry Spinelli). Rood was the first female professor to retire from Gettysburg College with the title of Professor Emeritus. Collection includes photocopy of newspaper article and webpage printout of articles about "Address Unknown." Also includes correspondence and contracts between Musselman Library staff and the family of Taylor. VFM-248.

Roosevelt, Theodore, Pres. Letter from Roosevelt to Mr. Rodgers, declining an invitation. 21 April 1901. ALS-1pp. VFM-124.

Sanders, Charles F. Professor of Philosophy. Gettysburg College Orientation Syllabus for 1935-1936. Extensive list of topics from reading to philosophical discussions. MS-55pp. VFM-286.

Schaper, Donna. Papers, Class of 1969. 52 boxes. MS-057.

Schmucker Art Gallery and Department of Visual Arts Lecture.  Poster for the lecture A Hidden Picasso, An Exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao by Will Shank, Artist Conservator and Independent Curator, 3 November 2005.  Poster is autographed by Will Shank.  1pp. VFM-316 (oversized)

Schmucker, Samuel Simon, Papers. First professor at the Lutheran Theological Seminary, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and at Gettysburg (Pennsylvania) College. Instrumental in the founding of the College. MS-023

Scott Paper Co, Limited. Letter from E. Irvin Scott trying to convince PA College to buy their toilet papers. Also includes samples of 4 types. 19 Aug 1893. TLS-4pp. VFM-192.

Shaffer, Fred. Papers, Professor of Greek (1931-1962). 2 boxes. Unprocessed collection.

Shand, Jack. Papers, Professor of Psychology (1954-1984). 5 boxes. Unprocessed collection.

Shaw, Charles B. Six letters from Shaw, a student at PA College, to his parents. Dating 14 Feb 1839 - 15 May 1841. ALS-12pp. VFM-128.

Shaw, Robert. Bible study journal of Shaw, a PA College student. Also contains a pink ribbon and lock of hair. 1850. AMs-20pp. VFM-131.

Shearer, Francis A. The collection consists of memorabilia of Francis A. Shearer from his college days at Gettysburg College. MS-080

Shirk, D. C. Class of 1927. Tuition payment receipts for 1922-1925. MS-6pp. VFM- 279.

Singer, Florence. Class of 1939. Letters to Jerold Wikoff regarding her time as a missionary, and listing other Gettysburg College graduates who went into missionary work. Includes copies of letters Rodger Singer wrote to his family from Hong Kong, and b/w photos. (11 items). Location: College History VFM-226

Sloat, Charles Allen. Papers, Professor of Chemistry (1927-1967). 7 boxes. Unprocessed collection.

Smith, Louis E. Letter from Smith to her friend Miss Arnie discussing student life at Gettysburg College and Mt. Hermon, MA. 19 March 1911. ALS-14pp. VFM-135.

Smoke, Kenneth L. Papers, Professor of Psychology (1927-1929 & 1946-1970). 2 boxes. Unprocessed collection.

Social Fraternities and Sororities (Alpha Xi Delta & Rho Beta). 1947-1977. Includes minutes, budget work sheets, and financial correspondence. Unprocessed collection.

Spinelli, Jerry, Class of 1963. Papers contain essays that Spinelli wrote at Gettysburg College. See "Manuscripts" series of the collection. MS-007

Springer, Nancy Conner, Class of 1970. Correspondence, newspaper clippings, and Springer's manuscript-collections are included in these papers. 10 boxes. MS-058.

Stahley, Dr. George D. Letter of gratitude and recognition from his subordinates upon his resignation. ADS-2pp. VFM-193.

Stahley, Dr. George D.  Report of the Faculty signed by George D. Stahley, 6 June 1907.  AMsS-3pp./TMsS-2pp.  VFM-310 

Stained Glass Proofs. Glatfelter Lodge. Designed by Peggy Myers and commissioned by Bill Warehime. Location: College History. VFM-346

Stallsmith, Helen K. Class of 1930. Orientation binder with lecture notes and lessons from her Orientation. Contains information on how to study and advice on college and academics. MS-162pp. VFM-280a.

Stallsmith, Helen K. Class of 1930. Biology binder with lecture notes. Contains hand-drawn diagrams, quizzes, and notes from biology lectures. Dated Fall 1926. MS-133pp. VFM-280b.

Stallsmith, Helen K. Class of 1930. Various documents including Owl and Nightingale programs; Commencement program, 17 June 1928; grade reports; the Valedictory speech given by Stallsmith titled, "The Liberal College and Man", AMs-6pp; several issues of the Gamma Phi publication Procope; two portrait photograhps; and a Phi Beta Kappa certificate. VFM-338

Stambaugh, Fred. Letters of recommendation on his behalf, and copy of the official orders calling twenty-seven Gettysburg College men into action for WWII. 5 Feb 1943. D-7pp. VFM-194.

Star and Republican BannerNewspaper d. Tuesday Morning, December 31, 1833 with a letter to the Editor regarding " Pennsylvania College." MS-4pp. VFM-237 (oversize).

Sternat, Frederick C. Journal for the year 1902, and extensive receipts. AMs-100+ pp. VFM-140.

Sternat, Theodore M. Class of 1934. Manuscript for “Laboratory of Physical Chemistry” written by professor of Chemistry, Charles A. Sloat. Written in August 1930. Includes experiments, graphs, data, notes, and equations. MS-89pp. VFM-287.

Stevens, Justice John Paul. Letter to President Haaland praising the Robert G. Seaks '31 scholarship. 16 April 2001. TLS-1pp. VFM-195.

Stevens, Thaddeus. Three letters written from Lancaster, PA to either PA College or Lutheran Seminary, one was thanking the Board of Trustees for "Steven's Hall." ALS-5pp. VFM-141.

Stevenson, Adlai Ewing. Two letters from Governor Stevenson to Robert Bloom, thanking him for his support. 4 Aug 1952; 11 Nov 1952. TLS-2pp. VFM-142.

Stock, L.F. Letter from Stock in Washington D.C. in praise of Dr. Schmucker. 30 Nov 1927. ALS-1pp. VFM-143.

Stoever, William Caspar. Notebook from an English Class at PA College. 9 July 1867. AMs-114pp. VFM-144.

Stover, Clyde B. "Burette Curves and Data" Notebook of Stover, class of 1894. Faculty 1896-1943. AMs-45pp. VFM-145.

Sunderman, William. Letter to Dr. Birkner chronicling student life on Gettysburg College campus 1915-1920. TLS- 8pp. VFM-197.

Sundermeyer, William Karl. Professor of German. Collection includes correspondence, meeting notes, and biographical information. VFM-249.

Tarkington, Booth. Telegram of gratitude to the Philomathean Literary Society of PA College. 16 Feb. MS-1pp. VFM-150.

Tau Kappa Epsilon.  Issues of “The Psi Press” (Chapter publication) from 1939-1941. Ms-141pp. VFM-309.

Taylor, Amos E., Papers, Class of 1915. MS-003

Taylor, Kenneth. Emails to granddaughter, Jeanne Taylor - series of memories of his time in high school, college, and the army during the Great Depression. MS-39pgs. VFM-171

Taylor Rood, Katherine Kressman. Papers, Professor of English (1947-1966). Unprocessed collection.

Thornburgh, Dick. Letter to Gettysburg College from Governor: 150th Celebration.  Letter to the college from Governor Dick Thornburgh 1982 celebrating the College’s 150th birthday. TLS pp.1 VFM-300

Toynbee, Arnold Joseph. Letters to Mr. Pennell and Prof. Bloom. 5 March 1937. TLS - 1pp. ALS-1pp. VFM-155.

Valentine Family. Rev. Milton Valentine, third President of Gettysburg College. Includes two photocopies of articles on the family history, handwritten letter President Valentine, and photocopy of letter. VFM-250.

Valentine, Milton. Reverend and third president of Gettysburg College 1868 - 1884. Collection includes original printings of sermons, lectures, newspaper articles, and letters. VFM-251.

The Papers of John W. Vannorsdall. John W. Vannorsdall served as the Chaplain for Gettysburg College from 1962 until 1976, when he took a position as the chaplain for Yale University.  The Papers of John W. Vannorsdall consist of six series with a majority of the documents included being correspondence and issues proposals from the late 1960's and early 1970's. MS-069

Veable, Catheryn Marsada. Memorabilia and photos from her experiences at Gettysburg College, class of 1945, Delta Gamma. MS- 46pp. VFM-199.

“Vietnam, 10 Years After” 1985 - 1986. “An Emerging American Identity and the Vietnam Veteran” conference held at Gettysburg College. A collection of signed letters from Vietnam Veterans, newspaper articles, planning committee correspondence, and brochures.  ALS pp.120 VFM-302

"Views in Gettysburg, PA. " Ballou's Pictorial Vol. VIII, No. 9, Boston, Saturday, March 3, 1855. Article gives a short description of Pennsylvania College and the Theological Seminary. MS-16 pp. Location: College History and Local History VFM-228

Wagner, John. Class of 1871. Letter to schoolmate (Fall 1869), Discussing what is happening at college, ALS - 4 pp. Location: College History VFM-229

Warner, Stephen H. Memorial Fund. Memorandums. 1 Nov 1971 - 27 Mar 1972. TMsS- 3pp. Correspondence between Mrs. Esther Warner and Robert Butler, Director of Development at Gettysburg College. 6 Mar 1972 - 22 Mar 1972. 4pp.-TL & TLS. Newspaper clippings regarding the Warner Papers. 25 Mar 1972 & 24 Sept 1980, 2pp. VFM-210.

Warner, Stephen H. Southeast Asia Photograph Collection. Photographs, negatives, manuscript-collections, drafts of articles, and army publications comprise the bulk of this collection. See the inventory for a complete discussion of its scope and content. MS-044. In addition, our collections hold Arthur J. Amchan's Killed in Action: The Life and Times of SP4 Stephen H. Warner, draftee, journalist, and anti-war activist (DS559.5 .A46 2003).

Warthen, George S. English Professor, 1924-1954. A notebook containing an alphabetical listing of works and their categories. AMs-75pp. VFM-160.

Warthen, George S. "A History of the Rolliad." Dissertation from Johns Hopkins University. 1947. MS-066

Wayne, John. Letter selecting his choices for Spectrum Queen. 26 Jan 1968. TLS-1pp. VFM-162.

Webster, Daniel. Letter declining an invitation to speak on July 4, 1835 at PA College, also includes a signed engraving. 2 June 1834. ALS, PS-2pp. VFM-163.

Weidensall, Robert. Papers, Class of 1860. Collection documents his work in founding a Y.M.C.A. chapter on the Gettysburg (Pennsylvania) College campus. MS-012

Weiser, Fred.  Class of 1957.  Letter written to Prof. Michael Birkner describes various details about the Eisenhowers in Gettysburg and the Mr. Weiser’s experience having escorted the Eisenhowers to their seats in Christ Chapel for the liturgy during Mother’s Day weekend in Spring 1956. CS, ALS-2pp.  VFM-305.

Weston, Sarah. Notebook about economics. 1819. Location: College History VFM-348

White House-Gettysburg College Campus. A research paper written by Guy Edmiston Jr. on the architectural designs and history of the White House. MS-11pp. VFM-200.

Wile, Luther George. Class of 1869. Autograph book. Signatures and notes from friends and faculty. A.N.s.  Location: College History  VFM-350

Willoughby, Charles A. Papers, Class of 1914. See biographical information in series one, as well as collection correspondence in series ten. MS-024

Wolf, Simon Stine. Autograph book. Signatures and notes from friends and faculty. 1861. A.N.s. Location: College History  VFM-347

Woman’s General League of Gettysburg.  Collection of papers from the Woman’s General League1966 – 1991 including the constitution and by-laws, statistical reports, treasurer’s reports, news clippings, correspondence and notes MS-115pp. VFM-319.  See also -  MS-40, Women's General League of Gettysburg College Collection

Woman's General League of Gettysburg College. 1911-1995. MS-040

Women's Student Government. Record book of Council meeting minuets 1948-1952. MS-104pgs. VFM-265 (oversize)

Women's Student Government. Rules and Constitution, ca. 1940. MS-4pgs. VFM-266

Wood, William W. "The Apple Industry of Adams County," thesis submitted for a Master of Science at Gettysburg College d. June 11, 1924. MS-125 pp. VFM-224.

World War I Service Questionnaires. Sent to the College's veterans of the First World War by Professor of English S.N. Hagen and the Phi Delta Theta fraternity. MS-048

Wyeth, Andrew N. Letter from Wyeth to Pres. Hanson declining an invitation to receive an honorary degree from Gettysburg College. 29 March 1970. ALS-2pp. VFM-167.

Yingling, Jacob M., Class of 1952. Papers. Collection includes a series on Yingling's years at Gettysburg College. In particular, it contains his records as a history major and member of Alpha Tau Omega. MS-049

Y.M.C.A. Records, letters, and minutes of the YMCA of PA College 1867-1872. MS-188pp. VFM-168.

Young, John Mumma. Memoirs of John Mumma Young 1845-1931. Graduated PA College in 1865, also served in the Civil War. MS-40pp. VFM-169.

Zimmerman, Jeremiah. Letter to librarian John Knickerbocker with his donation of several campaign materials from the 1860 election. TLS-4pp. VFM-201.

Zimmerman, Leander. Booklets by Zimmerman: "Love Faileth Not," "In the Bright Beyond," "Life Abundant," "Leaves for Healing,"and "My Philosophy and History." Also includes newspaper obituary, "Dr. Zimmerman to Lie in State in Christ Church." VFM-252.

Zinn, John B. Papers, Professor of Chemistry (1924-1959). 3 boxes. Unprocessed collection.

Vertical File Manuscript Collections

Gettysburg College Vertical File Manuscripts

Vertical file manuscripts are single folder collections that typically range from one to 50 pages, but may also contain materials such as photographs and artifacts. Below is a sampling of GCVFM that are available in the Reading Room upon request. You can also click here to browse all Gettysburg College Vertical File Manuscripts in the Library Catalog.

Subject Vertical Files

Special Collections maintains subject files pertaining to college history on specific:

  • Athletic Teams
  • Buildings
  • Campus Organization
  • Class Files: 1835 - present
  • Departments
  • Events
  • People

Keep in mind that these are a few suggestions, but not an exhaustive list. Consult an archivist for assistance or additional suggestions.