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Special Collections - Gettysburg College History: Digital Resources


GettDigital is an online portal to the digital collections created by Special Collections & College Archives and offered through CONTENTdm. These digital primary sources include a wide variety of material types and subjects including College Photographsthe Civil War EraWorld War IWorld War IIthe Vietnam WarEisenhower, and rare book bindings. As of 2022, we offer 38 GettDigital Collections with over 75,000 digital learning objects.

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College Publications

Special Collection provides digital access to several Gettysburg (Pennsylvania) College publications, including: 

  • A Salutary Influence: Gettysburg College (1832-1985) by Charles H. Glatfelter 
  • The Pennsylvania College Monthly (1877-1893)
    • The Pennsylvania College Monthly began in 1877 with an editorial board comprising both faculty and students (from campus literary societies). The College Monthly featured articles, essays, and poems of interest to students, faculty, administrators, alumni and the Gettysburg Community.
  • The Spectrum (yearbook) (1892-2011) 
    • The Spectrum is the yearbook for Gettysburg College. Early issues beginning with 1892 are available online.  Additional copies including the more recent issues are available in the library’s book collection and in the Special Collections Reading Room.
  • The Mercury (1893-2014)
  • The Blister (1922-1926)
    • First appearing on the bulletin board of Glatfelter Hall in 1921, The Blister was an “almost daily” student publication providing commentary on campus life at Gettysburg College. Most issues contained an editorial, a cartoon, a poem, and humorous observations on the news of the day.
  • The Cannon Bawl (1924-1927)
    • The Cannon Bawl was a quarterly student humor and arts magazine that debuted at Gettysburg College in November of 1924.
  • The Gettysburg College Alumni Magazine (1930-2016)
    • The Gettysburg College Alumni Magazine was first published in 1930 as The Gettysburg Alumnus. The publication later expanded its focus to include Gettysburg College alumni, parents, and friends.  The online collection features earlier issues of the magazine.  The Class Notes section of each issue is not accessible online but may be viewed, along with the entire series, in the Special Collections Reading Room.
  • TWAG (This Week At Gettysburg) (1968-1993)
  • Gettysburgian 
    • Official newspaper of Gettysburg College. Copies from the years 1897-2010 are available online.
  • College Catalog (1837-2006) 
    • via Internet Archive: Provides a list of courses for Pennsylvania College (Gettysburg College). The title has varied over the years. Course catalogs from 1837 to the present are available for use in the Special Collections Reading Room.