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Special Collections - Women's History: Physical Resources

Manuscript Collections

A Manuscript Collection is a grouping of materials which focuses on an individual, group of people, or organization. Materials can include letters, diaries, photographs, scrapbooks, and other memorabilia. Processed Manuscripts are stored in Special Collection's closed stacks and can be requested at the Reference Desk in our Reading Room.

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MS-247. WAC Companies A, B, & C being sworn into the Army Parade Ground - Fort Custer.

WAC Companies A, B, & C being sworn into the Army Parade Ground - Fort Custer. MS-247.


Select Manuscript Collections pertaining to Women's History include:

  • Eisenhower, Mamie DoudMS-071
    • The bulk of this collection contains correspondence addressed to Vivian Hart McCracken of Portugese Bend, California. 


  • Fannie Hurst Newsletter Collection. MS-110
    • Much of this collection is comprised of drafts and final copies of the Fannie Hurst newsletter (published from 1991-1995), material submitted for publication, and some promotional material.


  • Spinelli, Eileen. MS-154
    • This collection consists mainly of materials used by Spinelli in the writing and publication processes of her books. Handwritten, typed, and word processed drafts from various stages of the books’ development are included.

Vertical File Manuscript Collections

Vertical File Manuscripts

Vertical File Manuscripts are single folder collections ranging from one page to 50 pages. 

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Select Vertical File Manuscripts pertaining to Women's History include:

  • Baky, Sherrin Hilllburt (Class of '65). VFM-257
    • Letter from Merle Miller regarding Women's Student Government Association. ca. 1961.


  • Berg, Temma. Women’s Studies VFM-353
    • Book manuscript copy. “Expressions: Women Expressing Ourselves.” Published by the Women’s Action Group. 1986.


  • Eisenhower, MamieVFM-311 
    • Letter from Mrs. Eisenhower to Charles and Elizabeth Wolf thanking them for a gift and relating her reunion with her family in Washington including grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Certificate of Authenticity included. 


  • House Rules. VFM-262
    • Office of the Dean of Women, ca. 1954. Official notice, presumably attached to a bulletin board.


  • Lind, Jenny. VFM-94
    • Ticket and program from Mademoiselle Jenny Lind's first grand concert. 9 June 1851.


  • Marshall, Anne. Class of 1957. VFM-323
    • Three parent's copies of Gettysburg College Grade Reports from January 29, 1954 and January 30, 1955. Two letters to parents dating September 14, 1953 and September 15. One Eastern High School graduation card from parents dating June 1953. One membership card and one invitation to join Beta Beta Beta dating March 31, 1955. One certificate of participation in the Alpha Xi Delta building corporation dated December 9, 1957.


  • O'Neal, Ellen Wert. VFM-106
    • Letter from Ellie to her husband, a physician, around the time of the Battle of Sharpsburg.


  • "Planks From the Suffrage Platform." VFM-255
    • 12" x 8.25" broadside. Raleigh, NC: Printed by Capital Printing Co., ca.1920.


  • "Reject the Susan B. Anthony Amendment." VFM-256
    • 12.25" x 8.25" broadside. Raleigh, NC: Printed by the Edwards & Broughton Printing Co, ca. 1920.


  • Rios, Marjorie, Class of 1963. VFM-322
    • 13 letters, 13 envelopes, one postcard, and one music program sent to her parents during her Sophomore year at Gettysburg College dating from September 17, 1960 to May 17, 1961. The letter written on April 17, 1961 mentions the arrival of Eisenhower at Gettysburg. 


  • "Signature of 450,000". VFM-272
    • Book published for the 65th Anniversary Convention of the International Ladies Garment Worker's Union in Miami Beach, Florida in May 1965.


  • Singmaster, Elsie. VFM-203 (oversize)
    • "The Fire Tower," in Woman's Home Companion. May 1924 edition.


  • Stallsmith, Helen K, Class of 1930. VFM 280a
    • Orientation binder with lecture notes and lessons from her Orientation. Contains information on how to study and advice on college and academics.


  • Surratt, Mary E. VFM-147
    • Newspaper article and several pamphlets declaring the innocence of Mary Surratt in the assassination of Lincoln and her untimely death. Includes two pictures of the execution.


  • Woman's General League of Gettysburg. VFM-319.
    • Collection of papers from the Woman's General League 1966 - 1991 including the constitution and by-laws, statistical reports, treasurer's reports, news clippings, correspondence and notes MS-115pp. See also - MS-40, Woman's General League of Gettysburg College Collection.

Researchers in Women's Studies might want to consult the archivist about the following Subject Files:

  • Dean of Women (of Gettysburg College)
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Status of Women at Gettysburg College
  • Title IX
  • Woman's General League
  • Women's Chorus
  • Women's Commission
  • Women's Division
  • Women's Studies Program Advisory Committee
  • Women's Week


This is not an exhaustive list. Consult the college archivist for assistance or additional suggestions.