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Music: Scores Online

nkoda--The Sheet Music Library


nkoda:  The Digital Sheet Music Library

How nkoda works:  nkoda is a sheet music subscription service that can be accessed via app on your phone, tablet or desktop. You can download scores and annotate them on your personal device, create curated playlists, and share your work.

The scores available through nkoda will not appear in  MUSCAT Plus.  You must download the nkoda app and search or browse within the app.

First, download the nkoda app to your device. 

CLICK HERE for a brief tutorial showing you how to install the nkoda app using your Gettysburg College credentials on a PC, laptop, phone, or tablet.


**NOTE:  If you previously had an nkoda account associated with your account, either a trial account or a personal account, you will first need to email and ask them to delete or convert your account so you can log in with your Gettysburg College username and password.  It's easier for the company to simply delete the old account, but if you have annotations or playlists you'd like to save, mention that in your email and specify that you'd like them to convert, rather than delete, your account. 

For more information about using the nkoda app, CLICK HERE. 

Digital Scores available via Musselman Library

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