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If you are just getting started with your research conisder these helpful tips:

-Identify Your Topic. Sometimes you will have a very specific research project but other times you will have to come up with your own research question or specilization area within a larger topic. Brainstorming ideas, choosing keywords for searches, and creating concept maps can help you get started.

-Make a Plan. Break down your research project into pieces and make yourself a schedule. When you plan ahead and break your assignment into smaller, more managable pieces your project won't be as daunting and you will have time to solve any problems that may occur.

-Start Early. Be sure to start your research process early so that you have time to request any articles or books that Musselman Library may not have on site.

-Gather Information. Once you have identified your topic begin to gather all of the books, articles, and other information you may need.

-Focus Your Research. Once you have all of your sources and information you can begin to evaluate your sources and narrow down what you need. Make sure that you have a variety of sources that contain both background information and higher level, scholarly research.

-Start Writing. After you have all of your sources you should be ready to start writing. Be sure to cite all of your sources and proofread everything when you are done.

-Ask a Librarian. If you get stuck on anything along the way stop by the library's reference desk or make an appointment with a reference librarian for help. Our librians are always happy to help you!

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