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First Year Seminars: FYS 167 Pity of War

Searching at Musselman Library

Databases for Scholarly Articles, News, and Magazines

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History-Specific Databases

Scholarly Encyclopedias

Although many of us often read Wikipedia entries for background information, we too often skip this sort of background information in scholarly research.

In addition to getting a quick overview of key events, places, and people, the references at the end of scholarly encyclopedia entries can save you hours of searching. Check Muscat Plus or databases for titles you see listed.

Public, Online Encyclopedias


Library Subscriptions

Published Primary Source Material

Keyword and Subject Searching in Muscat Plus

  • First try a KEYWORD search which searches all words in the titles, authors, subjects, and table of contents on MUSCAT Plus records. You can enter words in any order. A broad keyword search is a great place to start.
  • Next try a SUBJECT search with the subject headings from the keyword search. Look at the bottom of a catalog record if you already have one book that looks helpful. The subjects will help you to find similar materials.
  • Finally try an AUTHOR search to find original writings of a person or documents published by a government or organization.


Subject Headings

  • Once you have done a keyword search and find a book that looks helpful, scroll to the bottom of the Muscat Plus record. You'll see subjects, or tags, for different events, time periods, people, or types of content. Using these can save you a lot of time. 
  • Either click on the subject itself to get everything else we have with that subject or use some of the terms for a new keyword search.

The following terms from subject headings can be helpful to find primary source material:









pictorial works

personal narratives



underground literature


Subject Heading Examples for Primary Sources


Keyword Searches Examples

  • "World War I" AND documents
  • "First World War" AND "trench journals"
  • "World War 1914" AND "personal narratives" AND nurse

Historical Newspaper Subscriptions through Musselman Library

Digital Primary Source Collections

Library Subscription


Public Digital Collections

The sites below are only a small collection of major, free digital collections.

The International Encyclopedia of the First World War maintains a large list of other websites, which can be viewed by theme or geographic region.

The Library of Congress has a central portal for discovering their WWI holdings. It pulls together photos, posters, sound recordings, manuscript collections, and other materials.