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First Year Seminars Fall 2020

Librarians for First-Year Seminars

Please contact the librarian that has been assigned to your First-Year Seminar for research help for any of your classes.
Librarian FYS Number FYS Title
Kevin Moore  106-3 STEM From the Ground Up
Kevin Moore  108-1 Public Policy Change Agency
Kerri Odess-Harnish  110-1 Business Communications
Mary Elmquist  113-1 Locked Up: Mass Incarceration
John Dettinger  117-3 Poor Like Us
Clint Baugess  118-4 Wicked Problems, Activism, Art
Clint Baugess  122-1 Behind the Scenes- Museum
Kevin Moore  123-1 The Playful Mind
Kevin Moore  123-3 Work, Society, and Self
Kevin Moore  124-4 Biodiversity and Anthropocene
Kevin Moore  126-4 Navigating a Polarized World
Mary Elmquist  130-1 Women's Health and Sexuality
Kerri Odess-Harnish  131-2 Dante's Divine Comedy
Kevin Moore  137-1 Happiness
RC Miessler  137-2 Dr. Seuss and the Liberal Arts
Kerri Odess-Harnish  138 Infernal Voyages
RC Miessler  138-2 Plato, Personhood, and Popcorn
Meggan Smith  138-4 Philosophy of Monsters
Meggan Smith  141-3 But Is It Crazy Enough?
Kerri Odess-Harnish  142-1 Rock Films & American Culture
Betsy Bein  143-2 Protest Music & Social Change
Clint Baugess  149-3 Black Superheroes-Pop Culture
RC Miessler  150 Death and the Meaning of Life
Kerri Odess-Harnish  152-4 Journalists and Media
Meggan Smith  153-2 Faster, Higher, Stronger
Meggan Smith  155-2 Cancer in Society
Meggan Smith  156-3 Tea: An Experiential History
Janelle Wertzberger  157-2 Food, Water, Shelter, Song
RC Miessler  158-4 Creativity, Making, & Failure
Meggan Smith  162-4 Math and Voting
Kevin Moore  166-4 Crossing Borders
Clint Baugess  167 The Pity of War
Clint Baugess  170-3 The Sixties Revisited
Clint Baugess  176-2 Lasers: Light and Easy!
Mary Elmquist  176-3 To See the World in Symmetry
John Dettinger  178 An Experimental Avatar
John Dettinger  178 An Experimental Avatar
Kerri Odess-Harnish  178-2 Voice of the Rebel in America
Meggan Smith  183 Investigate the Battlefield
Betsy Bein  183-4 Blood on the Moon
Meggan Smith  186 Growing Up Female
Mary Elmquist  186-2 Food, Identity, and Conflict
Clint Baugess  191-4 Words and Worlds Tolkien/Lewis
Clint Baugess  192-3 Yoga: Meditation and Movement
Clint Baugess  198-2 Lit of Homelessness in America
Kerri Odess-Harnish  199-4 Short Film in a Global Context