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Searching at Musselman Library

Library Catalog

To see have more request options and to see all results, sign in with Muscat Plus before searching.

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Interdisciplinary Databases

Disciplinary Database

Background Information

Borrowing Materials from Another Library

text from catalog to request a digital copy of an item and have it delivered within 24 hours by emailWe have a lot of items, but not everything you'll need during your time at Gettysburg.

Interlibrary loan is a service that allows you  to borrow materials unavailable at Musselman Library from other libraries around the world. Articles usually arrive in 24 hours. Books may take 4-7 days.

Interlibrary loan is fully integrated into library databases via the Gett It button and MUSCAT Plus, the library catalog. You are able to make and manage requests through your library account.

Watch for the "Gett It" button in databases. small button with the words Gett It! Clicking it will check to see if we have the item in our collection and direct you to request a copy from another library if we don't.

Keyword Searching Strategies

Keyword Searching

For both library catalogs and article databases, start with your keywords: such as:

"conspiracy theory" AND philosophy

"Secret societies" AND conspiracy

Connecting Words
  • Use AND to require both terms
  • Use OR to search for either term
  • Use NOT to exclude a term (for example, conspiracies NOT medical)

Subjects or Tags

Library catalogs will also list subjects/tags on each record that will make it easy to find other items on that same subject. 


Conspiracy theories - United States - History

Secret societies

Databases will have similar tags/subjects. If you click the tag, it'll show you everything in the database that shares that tag.

Need help choosing the right keyword?

Watch our short (4 minute) video. It will provide more strategies and example.