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History: HIST 316 - Bowman

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HIST 316: Transformations in 19th Century Europe

When using the HIST 316 research guide, please keep a few things in mind. The guide provides:

  • A selection of primary sources available in the collection
    • Newspapers
    • Periodicals (magazines, literary reviews, etc.)
    • Reprinted primary source documents available in the book collection
  • Reference sources (print and online) for locating background information and identifying people, places, and events.
  • Freely available online collections to primary sources in British and European history.

If you have questions or trouble with any of the sources, please ask a librarian.

Primary Source Collections (In Print)

There are numerous collections of primary source material available in the book collection. Beneath the box is a list of keywords to use in MUSCAT Plus, along with terms like an individual's name, an event, a country, etc. Depending on your topics, the two selected sources below may be good starting points.

Primary Sources in MUSCAT Plus

In addition to the many secondary sources found in MUSCAT Plus, you can also use keywords to find collections of primary sources in the forms of readers, sourcebooks, or documentary histories. You can combine a country (or other location), person, event, etc. with one of the keywords listed below to catch them in your search.

For example, you might search: Britain AND sources

Similarly, you could search: British AND (documents OR sources)

Using a person, you could search: Churchill AND (letters OR speeches)

This is a small sample of possible keywords for primary sources. Always look at what terms appear in the subjects on the MUSCAT Plus record.

-- diaries
-- correspondence
-- case studies
-- sources
-- documents

-- sermons

-- speeches
-- early works to 1800
-- early works to 1900

-- photographs
-- posters
-- pictorial works
-- caricatures and
-- personal narratives
-- interviews
-- anecdotes
-- underground literature

Secondary Sources: Article Databases

Primary Sources - Newspapers

Primary Sources in Subscribed Archival Digital Collections

Online Primary Source Collections

Newspaper (In Print)

Reference Sources

Search Hundreds of Online Encyclopedias

The encyclopedias below are a small selection of the larger collection. They can be a great starting point for names, timelines, and the reference sections. To search across all of our online encyclopedias together, use Gale Virtual Reference Library.

Use Specific Titles