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Reading Programs, Resources, and Communities: Japanese Pop Culture

Japanese Pop Culture

From the renowned Hello Kitty brand to J-pop music to anime series that have become international icons, Japanese pop culture encompasses a wide range of topics. In this manner, Holley Intern Eliza Guzman '23 provides further information about the topic by displaying books from the collection that relate to Japanese pop culture. 

Japanese pop culture is defined by a few distinctive features, including anime and manga, which can be seen as two of the standouts of this display. There are also a few books on J-Fashion, which is another trendy fashion style influenced by traditional Japanese clothing and has become increasingly popular over the past few years. With the help of anime, manga, J-pop, and J-fashion, Japan has generated a culture that has resonance throughout the world.

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Enjoy looking at more about the topic and learning more about it! 

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