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First Year Seminars: FYS 117-3 Poor Like Us

The Research Process

Finding Background Information

Reference books are a great place to start exploring a topic. In addition to general information, they include references that can guide you to more resources — saving you time and effort. This is also a good way to find synonyms or alternate terms that might be useful.

Finding Books (And Articles)

Use MUSCAT Plus to find books we have at Musselman Library. If you search "Everything" you can find books, articles, and more! 

Finding Articles

The library subscribes to more than 300 different databases, and they all work in different ways. Deciding what kind of information you want and what perspective you want that information to be presented from can help you choose the right search tool for that part of your research process.

From a General Perspective
From a Social Science Perspective
From a Humanist Perspective

Peer Review in 3 Minutes