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First Year Seminars: Copyright and Licensing

In-class activities

Part 1: Revisiting scenarios

As long as I give credit to the original author of a work, I can reuse their copyrighted creation without asking for permission first.
True: 12 votes (42.86%)
False: 16 votes (57.14%)
Total Votes: 28
I found a great picture on the Internet that I want to use in my own project. I'm not making money off of it, so I can consider it fair use and use it without getting permission.
True: 10 votes (13.7%)
False: 63 votes (86.3%)
Total Votes: 73
I want to scan 10 pages of a 400 page book and include it in my project because I am going to annotate the text and critique it. Can I consider it a fair use and not seek permission first?
Yes: 12 votes (54.55%)
No: 10 votes (45.45%)
Total Votes: 22

Part 2: Creating TASL Attributions

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Creative Commons licenses

Types of Creative Commons Licenses

All Creative Commons licenses are made of a combination of 4 facets, which describe what a user can do with the licensed work:

  • Attribution (BY) - Anyone can copy, perform, redistribute, revise, build upon, etc. the work as long as they credit the original author.
  • NonCommercial (NC) - Users can copy, perform, redistribute, revise, build upon, etc. the work so long as they do not gain monetary profit from the use.
  • Share-Alike (SA) - Users can copy, perform, redistribute, revise, build upon, etc. the work, so long as any redistribution is done under the same license as the original work.
  • No Derivatives (ND) - Users can copy, perform, or redistribute the work, but cannot revise it or combine it with other works without permission from the author.

These facets can be combined to make six different licenses.

Creative Commons licenses with full name and logo

For more information on CC Licenses and how they work, please visit the Creative Commons website.

Creative Commons attribution

When using CC-licensed images and other works, remember to attribute them using the TASL style recommended by Creative Commons! Include at least the:

  • Title
  • Author/creator
  • Source of the work
  • License Type

Include any relevant links, embedded in each element.


Cute sleeping puppy

Adorable sleeping puppy by Doriguzzi from Wikimedia Commons, licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0